Come on now…

(Via Club Jade)

Padme is listed higher on this list of Star Wars women “who kick ass” than Jainia Solo? Please.


3 Comments on “Come on now…”

  1. Doctor Brown says:

    What is almost — if not more infuriating — is that Ventress is higher than Jaina, Asoka Tano is on this list at all (still haven’t seen that shitty insult of a cartoon), and that Aayla is only number 9. Also, where the eff is Darth Talon. No love for tattooed twi’lek chicks? I propose an (almost) all twi’lek ladies list, with Leia and Jaina as number 1 and 2, respectively. Thoughts?

  2. i would put mara on any list of “women who kick ass”. mostly like at number 3.

    i’m not sure if it would be an almost entirely twi’lek list… being that i do not share your love of the particular Star Warsian species.

  3. Doctor Brown says:

    That bit was mostly to check if you were paying attention. Mara would definitely be #3. Jan Ors would be on the list, and so would Mon Mothma.

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