The things I know could easily fit in a thimble…

Building on this post at Edge of the American West, and via Ezra Klein, the “long list” for the (very?) prestigious Booker Prize is up on the internets:

Aravind Adiga              The White Tiger
Gaynor Arnold             Girl in a Blue Dress
Sebastian Barry           The Secret Scripture
John Berger                 From A to X
Michelle de Kretser      The Lost Dog
Amitav Ghosh              Sea of Poppies
Linda Grant                 The Clothes on Their Backs
Mohammed Hanif         A Case of Exploding Mangoes
Philip Hensher             The Northern Clemency
Joseph O’Neill              Netherland
Salman Rushdie          The Enchantress of Florence
Tom Rob Smith            Child 44
Steve Toltz                   A Fraction of the Whole

It is awfully funny that I haven’t read any of the books on this list. Hell, except for the Rushdie book, I haven’t even heard of any of these books.

(Funnily [?] enough, I sold the one and only copy of the Rushdie book back when I worked at the book store)

I guess I can add modern American literature to one of the things I am (woefully?) ignorant of.


2 Comments on “The things I know could easily fit in a thimble…”

  1. Vance Maverick says:

    FWIW, those are mostly not American authors. But it shouldn’t be news that literacy no longer means reading the same new books as everybody else….

  2. by ignorance is re-enforced! those *are* mostly “foreign” authors. and your second point is well-taken.

    thanks for commenting!

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