Dance with me for just the hell of it…

(Alternate title: Smith Michaels vs. Comic-Con)
Scott Pilgrim vs. The Universe

Scott Pilgrim vs. The Universe

Every July I become a very conflicted comic book fan; San Diego Comic-Con is clearly the most happening place on the planet for three (four?) days, but it is also a clearly a giant cluster-fuck. There is a part of me that wants to go Comic-Con, it clearly a once in a lifetime experience. But the expense, the pure chaos, the lines, and the expense will probably stop me from ever traveling out there. And around even mildly famous people my social anxiety goes into overload (see: this year’s Heroes’ Con), I’m pretty sure the pop-culture explosion that is Comic-Con would make my head explode in a flood of crippling anxiety.

But then I think of the announcements! The talent! The free stuff! And I’m tempted again to one day head out there and reap with whirlwind.

What exactly does that ramble have to do with anything? Well I thought I do a brief rundown of some of the interesting announcements from the weekend. (I did something like this for the New York Comic-Con) This will probably be a bit (very?) redundant but I hope useful to someone.

  • I spent much of the weekend tooling around Newsarama and Comic Book Resources looking for some coverage of the Oni Press panel, but for the life of me I couldn’t find anything. Even after repeated Google searches. The one announcement I was looking forward to (obsessed with?) out of San Diego was the title and release date of the 5th Scott Pilgrim volume.Luckily Bryan Lee O’Malley revealed the title and the cover on his blog and various Web 2.0 outlets. Way to stay on top of these things comics journalists.(To briefly allow myself to indulge my Scott Pilgrim fanboyness, this cover pretty much promises that we are going to [finally?] get some Ramona back story in this volume. Also: O’Malley’s art continues to improve exponentially with each volume.)
  • The big announcement that everyone is talking about, I’m sure, is the new post-RIP Neil Gaiman Batman project. I should be beyond excited about this; I mean, one my favorite writers on one of my favorite characters! A big event! But I have learned, with recently big announcements, to be skeptical. My out of control expectations can only make this project worse. So color me disinterestedly interested, if such a thing is possible.
  • Hey! A new War Machine series? Who would have predicted that?
  • Valerie D’Orazio writing a Cloak and Dagger series? Sounds a like something to check out.
  • Is anyone else over the whole video reporting shit on Newsarama? (I think CBR does it too)
  • I’m glad that the Milestone characters will finally be getting so real, honest to goodness exposure soon.
  • I am willing to bet that whatever thing Millar has planned in the Ultimate Universe will be over-wrought, to clever for its own good, and painfully macho.
  • I am willing to give the new Superman books a look, I’ve missed fresh work from James Robinson.

I think that covers what I thought were the most interesting announcements at San Diego. I reserve the right to edit this post if I remember/find more interesting stuff.

UPDATE: Sam Jackson? The Eisners?

UPDATE II: Newsarama did get around to covering the Scott Pilgrim announcement at the Oni Press panel.

UPDATE III: Dean Trippe’s amazingly exciting time at Comic-Con…


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