You said I must eat so many lemons ’cause I am so bitter…

In all seriousness what exactly do the editors of the Washington Post op-ed page do? How do they let such pointless idiocy from Richard Cohen grace their pages?

Ladies and gentlemen the evils of tattoos!

Tattoos are the emblems of our age. They bristle from the biceps of men in summer shirts, from the lower backs of women as they ascend stairs, from the shoulders of basketball players as they drive toward the basket, and from every inch of certain celebrities. The tattoo is the battle flag of today in its war with tomorrow. It is carried by sure losers.

I asked a college professor what she thought of tattoos, and she said that for young people, they represent permanence in an ever-changing world. But how is that possible? Anyone old enough and smart enough to get into college knows that only impermanence is permanent. Everything changes — including, sweetie, that tight tummy with its “look at me!” tattoo. Time will turn it into false advertising.

Truly with a presidential election, an economic crisis, and a war in Iraq the editors of the Washington Post could not have turned the illustrious Mr. Cohen to a more worthwhile subject? Or perhaps one that did not make him look like such an asshole?

Did anyone else catch this man’s obsession in the piece with what women did with their bodies? Clearly it is OK with a Navy man gets a tattoo or Princeton boys used to get one but, these days, women are getting them too! And displaying them openly! Can you not see the DOOOOOM in the air?

Or perhaps we don’t have the sort of insight into the human condition that Richard Cohen has. I, mean, he won all of those awards for a reason.


One Comment on “You said I must eat so many lemons ’cause I am so bitter…”

  1. The Kaiser says:

    somebody got some blogging in today…and that somebody is YOU…i saw your car parked by the library.

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