I can not think of a witty (?) title for this post…

(Via Critical Hits)

Wizards has released a preview of the new 4th edition version of the Forgotten Realms. I’m not quite sure what to make of it.

While the new rules for races and classes are interesting (the Swordmage seems pretty cool) but the stuff about the setting… well I’m not sure if this version of the Forgotten Realms is the same Realms I’ve been reading about and playing in for years.

It seems that they completely shifted the setting around and added some fannish self-referential material (I mean I  love the Baldur’s Gate series as much as anyone but it’s now the largest city in the Realms? COME ON!).

Whatever complaints I have at this point are mostly fanboy worries but I’m now much more cautious about the Realms update. I think I’ll have to give it a good read before I drop my money on it.

Of course, we’ll find out in September.


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