It’s that time of the year again…

Yes it’s the time of the year when the Center for Disease Control names the fattest states….and guess where West Virginia is…

The Top 10 Obese States

1. Mississippi, 32.0 percent
2. Alabama, 30.3
3. Tennessee, 30.1
4. Louisiana, 29.8
5. West Virginia, 29.5
6. Arkansas, 28.7
7. South Carolina, 28.4
8. Georgia, 28.2
9. Oklahoma, 28.1
10. Texas, 28.1

Source: AP

While I suppose this should come as not a surprise to most Americans of where obesity tends to flourish in this country, it also shows I feel a way these areas can change their consumption habits. Obesity should be looked at more as an environmental impact and of course health factor too. However if you look at the consumption habits of those surveyed here I can guarantee they consume well over 300% of what they need to survive. That is not to say that this all goes towards food. It’s clothing, chemicals, appliances, poor recycling methods. In most of these states mentioned, they have terribly low property taxes and really can’t maintain large services or infrastructure to encourage people to recycle or help with preventative health care. It’s a cultural difference and it is also something that needs our full attention if we ever wish to have a nationalized health care system. The burden of personal responsibility coming out of the Bush era has never been greater.

That is all.


2 Comments on “It’s that time of the year again…”

  1. it is interesting to see oklahoma on that list…

  2. psycholarry says:

    Where the wind blows softly down the lane?

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