Tony Snow

While the below posts suggest sarcasm day here at Blurred Productions (please don’t let that go over your heads, ladies and gentlemen), I’d like to speak all in sobering honesty for a minute about the recently departed former White House Press Secretary and Fox News Sunday host Tony Snow. I met Tony a couple times, though other members of my family knew him a little better. He bought our house in Alexandria after we moved out in 1995 (before Fox News and the Bush administration made him a household name).

I read a fair amount of opinion thrown about the internet, and as Penny Arcade once mapped out for us, the internet is not the place for the most tactful discussion. As soon as he became Press Secretary, the online liberal voice quickly added his name to the list of villanous members of the Bush administration. Reading vitriolic comments about him always made me feel a little nauseous, as I always knew him as a really affable guy.

I had dinner with my dad this past Saturday, and told me a story about my brother running into Tony in D.C. one day. This was before his Press Secretary days, and so he was walking around with a camera crew covering some local event. What exactly it was escapes me at the moment, but the important thing was that he was working. My brother’s a really forward and friendly guy, so he basically interrupted just to say hi. Now, the son-of-the-guy-who-used-to-own-your-house isn’t exactly the closest of relatives, and most career-minded newscasters would’ve probably blown him off and it would be tough to blame them. But Tony remembered my brother. He stopped what he was doing, chatted for a couple minutes, shook hands, and went back to work. That’s all. Nothing special happened, and that’s the point. The moral of the story, as my dad put it, “He was a human being, and so many of them [i.e. egotistical talking heads] aren’t.”

Like all liberal blogs, this one will often dish out a heaping serving of hate towards the people in power. Let’s just remember that even among an administration of bad policies, there are bound to be good people. Let’s also remember that White House Press Secretary falls somewhere between inner city school teacher and U.S. soccer player as one of the most thankless jobs on the planet. We probably won’t hear Tim Russert level coverage of Tony Snow’s death. (Though I suppose some of that is because Russert’s death was more sudden, while Tony suffered from cancer for some time.) Still, fifty-three is much too young, and I just want to say rest in peace.


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