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Re-re-elect George W. Bush!


Crossing the Line – In the Realm of the Senses

Back from a week long break with something that should hit close to home for any post-pubescent man that has access to the internet. In the Realm of the Senses (Ai no corrida) made in 1976 by modernist director Nagisa Oshima and tells one of the more unusual stories to come out of pre-war Japan.

Tagline: Based on a true story set in pre-war Japan, a man and one of his servants begin a torrid affair.

Synopsis: Sada, a former prostitute, works as a maid in a hotel. After witnessing the owner’s (Kichizo) sexual appetite with his wife, Sada sets out to be the one getting sexed up. An almost endless succession of sex follows, as Kichizo’s urges are matched and outpaced by Sada’s own desire. The sex becomes more experimental and the relationship becomes more overt, creating a great scandal and drawing the scorn of everyone that observes them. Sada becomes violently obsessive, threatening Kichizo with a knife to the throat for even mentioning his wife. When the two try erotic asphyxiation, they reach a new sexual peak, one that they push to the limit, as Kichizo allows Sada to choke him to death to further her pleasure. After finishing, Sada cuts off Kichizo’s penis and carries it with her until the police capture her.

Interesting Fact: Shot in Japan, the undeveloped film had to be shipped to France for development, due to Japan’s strict censorship policies.

Objectionable material: First Base, Second Base, Third Base, Home Plate!, Nudity, Fat Lady rape, Old Lady sex, young lady sex, bum penis, regular penis, castration, naked children, Asian people, foreign objects inserted into vaginas, erotic asphyxiation, a lot of sex, no really a lot of sex

Disturbing Quote: “I’ve got to pee. Okay with you?”

“There’s no need to leave. Do it here.”


“Inside of Sada, all nice and warm.”

I’d love to have a video here, but cut out the nudity and you don’t even have enough film for a 30 second teaser trailer with this film. Here’s the DVD cover instead.

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Review: Chuck Palahniuk – Snuff

A couple weeks ago, Chuck Palahniuk (author of Fight Club, Choke, Survivor) was in D.C. for a book signing, reading, interview, and Q&A. It was a ticketed event, which allowed the author to (a) have the event last about 2 hours, (b) give away tons of free stuff, and (c) tell all the vile, offensive stories he’d like to without fear of upsetting the normal afternoon crowd at Barnes & Noble. Considering he was visiting in support of his most recent book, Snuff, which revolves around a pornstar trying to break the world gangbang record, you might understand why his P.R. team might want a little… exclusivity for this tour. I went because my brother got me a ticket as a birthday present, which included a signed book to be picked up that night.

The event itself was incredibly entertaining. Palahniuk wrote a short story called Loser specifically for the tour, written in second person perspective about a frat boy who drops acid and ends up on The Price is Right. It was clever and pretty damn funny, as the feverish college kid recalls being a feverish grade school kid, since the only time he’d watch the show was when he’d stay home sick. Other parts of the evening included games like “first one to fill up a blow-up doll gets a free book!” and other non-fiction anecdotes involving a guy snapping a finger off in a conveyor belt and a pug dog having an HIV scare. The interviewer wasn’t very good (First question: “Do you ever get tired of people asking you about Fight Club?” Really, who cares?) but that’s really my only complaint about the event itself.

The book on the other hand…
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Will you be my Heroes’?

Tomorrow at noon a large portion of the Blurred Productions staff (myself, Psycholarry, & The Kaiser) are leaving for Heroes’ Con in Charlotte, NC. As you may remember, last year was a huge success for us; so we’re hoping for a repeat.

This year I’m excited about the huge, great guest list and some of the panels. I am especially looking forward to the “Covering Comics” panel on Saturday. I’ll get a chance to meet one of the blogging heroes, Heidi MacDonald.

While I’ll try and get some blogging done at the convention, I’m not sure how much time I’ll have to sit down at a computer. So, because 2/3s of the staff are gone, don’t expect much from us for the next few days. Apologies.

If you’re going to be at Heroes, I hope to see you there!

Happy days are here again…

Spider-Man loves Mary Jane to return in August.

This is great news. Moore is a good fit for the book, me thinks.

So far to go…

(Via Historiann)

This is pure silliness. I continue to be surprised and disappointed (perhaps it is my youth and newness to this history “thing”?) that people (even academics!) continue to degrade gender (or sexuality or race or whatever) as a category of historical analysis. Yet it really shouldn’t. Considering my undergraduate university didn’t have a single women’s history class until my sophomore year (in its 100 plus year history). And, you know, you’ve got eminent historians writing books whose central point is that gender, class, and race based studies are mucking up the historical profession.

As I know from my many trips to the history section of bookstores, there is clearly no shortage of (unreformed?) ‘traditional’ historical studies. They clearly remain popular for both historians to write and readers to consume. This is no room for newer, cutting edge studies of race, class, or gender?

Surely there is. This is not to degrade general surveys that have a broad scope. But such surveys are better informed when they have a broad range of “narrower” studies to inform them. Studying how gender was defined in the 18th century, for example, tells us more than how men and women thought of themselves (because clearly this is not an important thing to recover, in and of itself); it also tells us about “broader” political and social relationships.

There is room out there for a variety of historical voices. I can never understand why people go to the effort of trying to shut some up, instead of supporting the ones they prefer.

Death to tyrants?

According to Blog@Newsarama, Chuck Dixon is not happy with the way DC is run these days:

I’ve worked under tyrants and I can say that I’d prefer to work under a talented, knowledgeable tyrant with a successful plan than a directionless gladhander with a ouija board any day of the week.

And just who is this tyrant?

Not… Paul [Levitz].

Warners? The geniuses who merged with a company that was billions in the red? Trust me, most days they don’t even KNOW they own a comic company much less take an interest in running it.

Is Didio doomed? Or is Dixon just one lone pissed off guy (who was also, it is important to note, just fired by Didio)? I’m not sure if we can tell yet.