Ah, racism…

(Via Kalinara, via 4thletter!)

Tell me: is this racist?:

racism in newsarama

The above was deleted from a Newarama interview shortly after it was published.

Ah, Newsarama. A real class act. As I’ve discussed this sort of shit from Newsarama before. Do they have, I don’t know, hiring standards?

Remember folks, this is the state of comics journalism.


3 Comments on “Ah, racism…”

  1. parallelsidewalk says:

    It’s not racist per se, since Muslims aren’t a race. Stupid? Puerile? Offensive? Sure, but not necessarily racist. Now, if he had made the same assumption because the character is an Arab/Desi/Persian/etc., yeah, that would be racist. Not trying to defend the guy, just avoiding useless language (although Muslim-haters and racists have a significant amount of overlap).

  2. true, it is more bigoted than racist. i should have been more precise.

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