Losing it…

Dave Sim, it seems, has completely lost it. He is now sending out a letter to all people wishing to interview/correspond with him.

Here’s the letter via Inkstuds:

As per usual Occasional Superheroine has an excellent take on this:

For the record, I will restate my position that until never-talked-about-in-public misogynists in this industry are also publicly called to the carpet, I have no interest even considering jumping on the “Dave Sim is a misogynist” bandwagon. It’s easy to brand Sim a kook and a woman-hater, because he’s not connected with other people’s livelihoods or wields a level of influence that could damage other people’s careers. The worst you could do by bashing Sim is make Neil Gaiman sigh at you.

I mean — the Sim critics have won. He’s driven to the point where he has to issue letters like this. Is he ever going to change his opinions because people attack him on message boards? Probably not. But, he’s actually felt so persecuted that he went through the trouble of drafting this odd document. So in that, I sense a victory for the anti-Sims.

Okay, now that this has happened, how has this industry concretely changed to benefit women? At least the furor over that Open Source Boob Project Guy resulted in more awareness of the way females are occasionally physically accosted at conventions.

I think Valerie has a very good point here. I think Sim’s craziness has just driven the industry’s sexism further in the backroom making it harder and harder to root out. Of course, that’s not to say that Sim doesn’t deserve derision. He absolutely does. But so do a lot of other aspects of the sometimes-crazed comics industry.


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