This is the spawning of the cage and aquarium…

me&xanderWelcome to our second week of Friday Catblogging. Psycholarry thinks that we should make Saturdays Caturdays but I prefer to keep this feature on Fridays.

Anyway, there’s not too much new to report with Xander this week. He’s continuing to do better, though he remains snotty. The girlfriend was finally able to get him to eat treats this week. And thus we’ll able to spoil him some more.

Just two short weeks until he’s neutered. I wonder, do neutered animals miss their balls?

The picture, this week, is of me and Xander on my birthday. See you next week!

UPDATE: Ok. He’s not eating the treats again. Hmm.


2 Comments on “This is the spawning of the cage and aquarium…”

  1. Tito says:

    See…. I mean wrap text like you did here.

  2. Ah. I see said the blind man! You adjust the properties of the image when you put it in. I can show you how it works next time I see you, if you want.

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