It’s not my birthday…

This is my cat. He’s been a part of my , and my lovely girlfriend’s, life since he followed us home just over a month ago. When we took him home he was dirty, un-neutered, had painfully long claws, and was snotty as all hell. Plus he has a ton of dandruff. But he was sweetest, most affectionate animal I’ve never had the pleasure to meet. Which is sort of surprising considering that he’s spent most of his life on the mean streets of Shepherdstown.

The morning after the night this great little guy walked in our lives we took him to the vet. While on the streets he developed a bad case of mites, dirty ears and an upper-respiratory infection (the source of all the snot). It seems he’d had a rough life before he met us; he ate three bowls of kibble in his first hour with us.

When it came time to name him, the girlfriend and I had a bit of a debate. She wanted to name him Mister Kitty Fantastico (after Willow and Tara’s cat on Buffy). I wanted to name him after a historical figure; either Cotton Mather (because that’s is the funniest name ever), Alexander Hamilton, or James Madison. We eventually settled on Xander, after the Buffy character. I think it fits him well, he’s got a sweet & goofy soul.

Xander’s doing a lot better these days than when we first found him. His upper-respiratory infection is finally clearing up (the first medicine the vet gave us didn’t work). He’s had a bath and a claw trim (but he’s not de-clawed). He’s set to be unmanned in two weeks.

I don’t think I can really put into words just how much this big, goofy cat has improved my, and my girlfriend’s, life. He’s such a pleasure to be around. He loves to be pet, scratched, and cuddled with. In fact he often demands affection, damn whatever you’re doing. Seriously, he’s an attention whore. He spends 90% of his day sleeping in the cutest positions. He’s very clumsy for a cat, which is incredibly cute and hilarious (the poor thing). All around he’s just a sweetheart.

His only problem is that he humps. Though that might improve once he’s finally unmanned.

Why am I writing about this? Because I love this cat. And because today is Friday, and Friday is for cat-blogging. I’m going to make this a regular feature since I think it’ll be fun to share with you all (all six of you) the misadventures of this goofy cat. Plus cats are cute and cute brings the readers. So you’ll see Xander again next Friday.

And you know what? Today’s my birthday and I’ll write about whatever I goddamn what. Thank you very much.


2 Comments on “It’s not my birthday…”

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