This is our 375th post. [UPDATE: To be technical, this is our 376th post, since Tito posted something while I was working on this.]

I can’t think of anything classy to say here, except that I’d like to thank everyone who reads this for sticking around through the think and thin.

So instead of class, I’m going to give you a rundown if my thoughts on the summer movie season. I think this year we’re getting a bunch of really fun films that have the potential to be great. Most movie seasons only have at most one or two films that I want to see or am at least interested in, this year we’ve got at least a half-dozen.

So here’s how this is going to work, I’m going to break this summer’s offerings into three categories, “optimistic”, “cautious”, and “pessimistic”. Movies ranked in the “optimistic” catigory are movies I’m unabahedly excited about, movies ranked in “cautious” are movies want to see but am worried that they might suck and movies under “pessimistic” I’m pretty sure will suck.

Pretty straight forward, no? Let’s get to it.


The Dark Knight
I’m pretty sure there is no chance in hell that this movie will not entertain. Most of the original cast is back, and the only weak link the previous outing (Katie Holmes) has been replace by a much better actress. Ledger’s final role as the Joker looks like it’s going to be one of the best in his career. Honesty I’m more excited for this movie than any since Episode III.

Iron Man
Watching the trailers for this film has gotten me really excited for this film, overriding my natural wariness of any Iron Man project. Iron Man is one of my favorite super-hero concepts going back to a childhood misspent watching that 90s Iron Man cartoon. But I’ve consistently been burned by Iron Man projects of various sorts. But it looks like they may have gotten Iron Man right, as a sort of redemption of a weapons maker meets James Bond.

Hellboy II
I’m pretty much looking 100% looking forward to this because of low expectations. The first Hellboy movie was a fun waste of time that wasn’t insulting to my intelligence; nothing more, nothing less. So I expect that this movie will be more of the same. With lots of punching.


Clone Wars
As a hard-core Star Wars fan, I’ve been burned by more Star Wars EU crap than is really necessary. But I keep coming back. And back. Anyway, I want to enjoy Clone Wars but I’m very, very concerned it’ll suck… you know what with adding Anakin’s soon-to-be-thrown-under-the-bus female Padawan. But I’m still 99.9% likely to see this film.

Indiana Jones 4
I really wish I could rank this film in the “optimistic” category but I really can’t… I’m too worried that Lucas and Spielberg are going to drop the ball. My number one reason is the presence of the Even Stevens-cum-Transformers star, who I find to be annoying in the extreme. Secondly, Lucas’ creative judgement hasn’t exactly been hitting the mark in recent years. So, while there’s no chance in hell I won’tsee this film on opening day, I’m holding my breath.

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
This is another film I wish I could say I was “optimistic” about but can’t. I really enjoyed the last Potter film, despite the changes they made to the plot. But the rumors swirling around this one worry me. It looks like they might make unnecessary changes. I feel that HBP is the easiest of all the later Potter novels to adapt; it’s the shortest, has a straight forward plot, some great action sequences, and plenty of character drama. It’s not as unwieldy as either OotP or DH in plot or, hell, even setting. Thus I’m concerned about any “licence” the filmmakers may take with this film.


The Hulk Remake
There are a lot of reasons for me being pessimistic about this film. First among them is that I could not give to shits and a fuck about the Hulk. Honestly, I’ve never cared about the character or even the concept. Secondly, the reported creative troubles between Ed Norton and the producers smells like the ingredients for a bad film.

Prince Caspian
Lord of the Rings meets a children’s Christian polemic? *YAWN*. My opinion of the first outing started out sort of positive but has soured over time and with repeated re-watching. Will this film be as overwrought as the last? Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps. I have no childhood love of Narnia to allow me to survive this film, so it is quite unlikely that I’ll see it.

X-Files 2
When this film was announced at was pretty sure it was impossible that it would be good. After reading a brief plot summary at Club Jademy initial feelings were confirmed. I’ve never exactly understood why this film was even made. Who was crying out for another X-Files movie? Didn’t they all see the piece of shit that was the last attempt?

I think that pretty much covers it, though I am sure that I’ve missed a few films here and there. So this may be updated as my ignorance is corrected.


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  1. psycholarry says:

    Apparently the Dark Knight is going to clock in around 3 hours. That’s a lot of awesome.

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