Oh, the things you’ll miss…

I was quite amused by the sheer amount of news that’s come out of New York Comic-Con. It’s almost a San Diego level of sheer info dump.

Because of the sheer amount of shit to go through I thought I’d preform a public service of sorts. Below you’ll find what I consider to by the most interesting news to come out of New York over the weekend.

I don’t normally do this sort of thing but I’ll give it a try.

Upcoming in Buffy:

As for the comics themselves, since beginning of Buffy: Season Eight, fans have been asking for Buffy vs. Fray. Though “we played coy,” Allie said, the crossover was something “we knew we were going to do.” Joss Whedon will be writing the four-issue arc himself, with Fray artist Karl Moline handling the art. “The first two issues are done,” Allie told the crowd. The arc begins with Buffy stuck in the future and confronting Fray. Involving tons of characters from Buffy and Fray’s supporting casts, the arc will also create some “big changes for Dawn.”

After Fray’s crossover, writer Jeph Loeb comes aboard for a special one-shot issue, which will revisit the concepts for the proposed Buffy animated series, which would’ve been co-produced by Loeb and Whedon. With Georges Jeanty handling the “regular sequences,” Herobear artist Mike Kunkel will draw the bulk of the issue. Then five writers will each write a single issue, starting with Jim Krueger, the continuing with four writers from the television series: Jane Espenson, Doug Petrie, Drew Greenberg, and Steven DeKnight. “The world of Buffy is going to change, for the worse,” Allie explained. “If the Slayers are terrorists now, it will be much, much worse after #21, Jane’s issue. Season Eight explodes in fiery death.”

Morrison on the skills of his artist on Final Crisis:

“It’s just astonishing,” Morrison said. “I mean, the scene I keep talking about is the bit where it’s the Terrible Turpin character, the private detective, and he’s using a toilet seat to beat the Mad Hatter to death. And you know, I wrote that scene, and you can’t even imagine how that may play in a comic. But then you get his version of it, and it’s Martin Scorsese plus. You know? And there’s blood on the walls and there’s actually real physical pain, and suddenly, the whole scene comes to life. And the way he draws Turpin as this old man, but he’s clearly the toughest guy you’ve ever seen — he catches it, every nuance.. how he holds his cigarettes… everything’s there. It’s just amazing.”

Morrison on cross-over tie-ins:

When a reader expressed concern over Final Crisis having too many tie-ins, Berganza reminded that it’s not tying into any ongoing comics. Morrison spoke frankly about event comics, saying, “there’s always something essential, you don’t have to buy all these books, because some of them are crap. Buy what you like by the guys you like.

Berganza quickly stepped in to clarify that Morrison wasn’t calling the Final Crisis tie-ins crap.

“Oh, no those guys are great,” said Morrison of Final Crisis tie-in writers like his 52 co-writers) Geoff Johns and Greg Rucka. “I was talking about other crossovers.” [Right….]

Animated All-Star Superman?

A question about Morrison possibly working with DC’s animation department resulted in the writer revealing that “they were interested in doing an adaptation of All-Star Superman,” which delighted the crowd, but Morrison quickly added that it was “just talk and vague ideas at this point.”

Somehow, though, I doubt they could make the movie worse than the comic:

The director [of Wanted] said that Mark Millar was involved from the beginning. “He was on the set while shooting,” Bekmambetov said. “He was very scared because we changed a lot.”

This will probably be horrid, though I wish it well:

The biggest news for comic fans attending the panel was that BOOM! just landed a licensing deal that will allow them to publish a new Farscape comic book series based on the television show. The comic will be released as a series of four-issue mini-series, with each four issues collected into trade upon completion. No creators have been announced yet, but BOOM! is hoping to have a series started by the end of this year.

So much good stuff from Morrison. On his experience with Wildstorm:

The next question was about the status of WildC.A.T.S., and whether it was going to happen. Morrison said, “WildC.A.T.S. is happening! We’re just waiting on Jim [Lee].” He pointed out that Lee is popular and busy, and that WildC.A.T.S. doesn’t necessarily take first priority. For the other WildStorm title he was working on, Morrison said, “Authority was just a disaster.” He said that they were doing it and running late when 52 started, but when he saw the reviews to first issue, “I said fuck it.”

Morrison on Superman as God & Animal Man:

Morrison said, “Superman loves you, and he’s a lot more proactive than God ever was!”

Asked if Animal Man was still a vegetarian, and if his jacket was leather, Morrison said that he was still a vegetarian, but that his jacket was canvas. “He only wore that leather jacket once when he went a little nuts and he wanted to kill people,” Morrison explained, “Because that’s what you do when you wear a leather jacket.”

Fan service of the worst sort. Iron Man and the Hulk cross-over in their films:

The audience ate it up, but after the credits a scene was appended to the trailer that seems to lay rest to one of the biggest Hulk rumors on the net: We see General Ross with what appears to be a black eye (or he is rip-roaring drunk) holding up a bar with a drink in his hand. We cut to the bar door opening, and like an old-school western we see a man in silhouette enter the bar and we hear Robert Downey, Jr.’s voice. Due to the screams in the audience what he says is barely audible, but then he walks up to Ross, we see Downey’s face. Ross compliments him as “always having the nicest suits.” Then Downey says to Ross: “I hear you have an unusual problem?”


Quesada said he sometimes gets phone calls from Stan Lee out of the blue, and that the other day he got one with Stan asking, “I just read the last couple months of Marvel Comics. What the fuck is wrong with you?”

Wasn’t this pretty much the case anyway? (Joke)

But Lee pointed out that because of the money behind Virgin Comics, they “can hire the best artists, the best writers. Then they can do the work, I can take the credit, so why wouldn’t I be excited?” he said.

It is a good to hear about this new series; but what I’m really glad to hear is that they’ll be a new sexy character added to the mix!

NRAMA: So who are the “six” this time? The “six” of the title has always been somewhat flexible, and things kind of fell apart in their last appearance. So who are we looking at? Have to say, it’s darn near impossible to think of the Six without Catman…

GS: Right. It wouldn’t be the Six without Catman, Deadshot, Scandal, and Ragdoll. But beyond that, we have an a-list Bat-villain, and then a new character, a female, who is hot beyond reason. We’re already nuts about her. She’s simply the sexiest thing to come down the pike in a while, and she’ll happily twist your head off for you if you look at her askance. She makes even Deadshot nervous!

Mark Waid on the weekly Spidey book:

[B]ut to answer your question, the idea that I gravitated toward — without knowing in any enormous detail what they’ve got lined up villains-wise — I tend to gravitate more toward the supporting characters and villains anyway, no matter what I’m writing. And my love for J. Jonah Jameson knows no bounds. He is maybe my favorite character in all of Marvel comics, because if you catch that voice at exactly the right moment and you’re feeling good, and you’re sitting there at the keyboard, and it just comes out like Jonah — that’s the most fun character in the world to write because everything makes him angry all the time. And it’s just so much fun to, like, pump him up like a big balloon with that big Steve Ditko grin on his face because Spider-Man just did something stupid, but then what he doesn’t realize is that Spider-Man just, like, filled his chair with webbing. It’s great.

And I hope I’m not giving away too many spoilers, Steve, when I say that Jonah eventually gets out of the hospital.

Terry Moore on Runaways can not be worse than Whedon on Runaways:

NRAMA: Two-part question: As short as you can, describe to someone what Runaways is. And then, what is it that you hope to bring to it?

TM: Runaways is the story of a group of kids who are living today, right now, and how they’re dealing with the world we live in, plus the world Marvel has them living in. And they have cut themselves off from adults, yet they do a pretty good job. They’re trying to figure it out on their terms.

What’s coming up in Hellblazer:

Two Hellblazer spin-offs followed. Chas: The Knowledge, by Simon Oliver and Goran Sudzuka, taps into the knowledge of British cab drivers. Berger joked that it’s strange that he’s not there, since when Vertigo began it was only Berger, Matt Wagner and all British authors. Now, “we have only a Scot,” she laughed, as Morrison waved a smile to the audience. In London, cab drivers have to apprentice and study a guide of all the alleys and back streets, because the city was not laid out cleanly, and the premise is that Chas must use his knowledge to untangle a n underground supernatural web that helps to dictate the flow magic in London. Unfortunately for Chas, John Constantine’s in southern France with his girlfriend, so he has to deal with the problem himself. Oliver is a former cab driver, so the story will be completely accurate.

Hellblazer: Pandemonium, by original Hellblazer writer Jamie Delano and Jock, has Constantine sent by Scotland Yard to Iraq, where an ancient force is bubbling up, and only Constantine can fix it. John falls in love with a woman who may or may not be a spy, and the tale will have Constantine in Baghdad dealing with current political situation and echoes of the past.

Upcoming in Fables:

James Jean’s covers for Fables will be collected in a coffee table book titled The Fables Cover Book. Willingham conducts a Q&A with Jean in the book, which ships in October and will be a great item for any art lover, even those who don’t read Fables.

On the subject of Fables, the cover for issue #75 was shown. Editor Bond bowed out, saying that Bill Willingham promised to fire her if she said anything about the story. Fortunately for the audience, Mark Buckingham was present and did not seem similarly under duress. Buckingham described the issue as double-sized “and I’ll probably have to draw it in a weekend.” Fabletown finally takes the war to the homelands, and nobody will be safe. Bond shouted that somebody will die. Berger remarked that every comic says nobody is safe and somebody will die, prompting Buckingham to note that drawing 56 pages in a month may kill him. An upcoming cover for Jack of Fables was shown then.

That covers what I consider to be important from the weekend. I someone found something interesting.

What coming out of New York got you, readers, excited?


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  1. psycholarry says:

    Also, there’s that whole Venture Brothers Season 3 preview they showed.

  2. Shit, I missed that one

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