Checking in…

On Friday I bought comics for the first time since December (!).

Here was what in my much neglected sub-box:

  • 4 issues of Ultimate Spider-Man
  • 4 issues of Daredevil
  • 1 issue of Astonishing X-Men
  • 1 issue of Runaways
  • 1 issue of All-Star Superman
  • 4 issues of Buffy: Season Eight
  • 1 copy of League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: The Black Dossier

I think this says a few things. First, certain creators (I’m looking at you Grant & Joss) can’t keep a deadline. Second, I’m amazed out how much my tastes have evolved over the last few years. I’m down to reading just a couple of mainstream superhero books. The big event books (ie. Skrulls) were missing. Two years ago I was reading 80% of what Marvel/DC were putting out. Today, I’m reading just a drop of that bucket.

I’m just not the fan-boy I used to be.

The real question is though, has the superhero comics left me or have I superhero comics?

(Oh and pretty much all of the books I bought were good. Except for Runaways, which was terrible. And poor, poor Mia. Way to throw her under a bus, Ed.)


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