Explain this to me:

Speaking to Newsarama after the panel, Wohl explained the idea behind Executive Assistant, saying that the story is historically accurate from the 1970s/’80s China, when women were trained as assistants and bodyguards for high-powered businessmen. “It was bad form to bring in a big, burly guy to a meeting, so these women were trained to be both servant and assistant, as well as bodyguards for the men they served,” Wohl said. “Our protagonist is an orphan who was pulled from her situation and trained to be a tool both for killing as well as pouring tea properly, and throughout the story, she realizes that what she’s become is probably not perhaps what she should be, as her ‘master’ is not a very nice person. It’s the story of her awakening.”

The story is based on true events, and Wohl noted that the “Iris” of the name is indicative of their being other “assistants” out there, all named after flowers. Eduardo Francisco, Jason Gorder, and John Starr are attached as artists for the project.

The ‘art’ is truly horrible too. I continue to be…. amazed? no… that’s not the right word… disappointed that such things get published.


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