Stop me if you’ve heard this one before…

I am going to allow myself to be excited by this:

RAMA: Expand on that ā€“ to you, who is Iron Man, and who is Tony Stark? Are they the same person? That is, is Iron Man just another suit that Tony Stark puts on, akin to an Armani on Oscar night, or is the Iron Man/Tony more along the lines of a Batman/Bruce Wayne dichotomy?

MF: Iron Man is man’s vision of his own future. He is evolution as manifest destiny. And Tony exists somewhere between Chuck Yeager and James Bond. The Iron Man is something Stark pilots; Iron Man is the vessel Stark’s using to quite literally rocket himself– and, at his very best, humanity itself — into tomorrow.

NRAMA: It’s gotten so in vogue to talk about how the “genius brain” is different from the regular person’s noodle, so how is Tony’s mellon different from a regular joe’s? I think it was John Jackson Miller who explained it along the lines of Tony being born ten years early…that his ideas and way of viewing things is perpetually ten years ahead of everyone else…is that close to how you see him?

MF: He’s not a futurist, or rather– he’s not just a futurist– he’s also an alcoholic. When he’s out of whack, he thinks he can control the world because it all spins around him. The events of the last couple years of stories have, I think, proven otherwise, contrary to his behavior. And that’s how I see him, as we open up: a man constantly on the verge of spinning wildly out of control, addicted to every aspect of his own lifestyle. His greatest gift is diametrically opposed to his fatal flaw.

And that’s set him up for an incredible reckoning.

He seems to have a very good grasp on the character.

Now, hopefully this will not be the like tenth Iron Man project that I have been disappointed by this decade.


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