Snap Judgements

Wherein I read only the headline associated with a story and pass judgment on it.

Obama’s Test: Can a Liberal Be a Unifier? : The Obama campaign challenges the idea that a majority coalition must be carefully centrist, if not center-right.

Hm? Uniters have to be Centrists or Center-right? When did this meme take control? Apparently because Bush called himself a Uniter not a Divider, that means that his politics represent all leaders that united the people. I’m not going to waste time listing off the long string of historical liberal leaders that united people for a cause, or the historical conservatives who did the same. I’m not going to read your article, because the premise comes off as stupid and contrived. I held my tongue when the Time’s Maureen Dowd said that the Democratic party’s pick would either heal the wounds of racism or misogyny. I’m not letting stupid bull shit slide again.


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