Books, damn you…

Today I am going to the bookstore to buy a book, with money that I don’t really have. It is a book I’ve been waiting for for awhile. As long time readers and my girlfriend (apologies V, I know I’ve been talking about this book book a lot) I’m a huge fan of Eric Alterman and have been waiting with baited breath for a new book by him for quite awhile.

For of course reading his new book “Why We’re Liberals: A Political Handbook for Post-Book America” breaks my don’t read ‘hot new’ election themed books rule (I read enough of those in 2004 for a lifetime) but it looks like there will be plenty of history in it so I can give myself a pass.

I may also buy this book today. I have a bit of an ambivilent relationship with Gordon Wood’s work. The man is clearly a great historian, what with his producing one of the “standard” texts of early American intellectual history, and a great, clear writer. He also managed to write a book directly about the Founding Fathers that was not complete a complete a total lovefest. But the man is too much in love with old fashioned political history and too dismissive of other ways of looking at early American political concerns (re: gender). But, you know, it is always good to read smart people you disagree with. So we’ll see.

Whatever I do buy today, expect reviews soon.

 UPDATE: I bought both books. Reviews to follow me reading them.


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