Aren’t AIM the bad guys?

I agree with this:

I hate instant message. Loathe it. It’s the worst of both worlds. It’s writing without the time for reflective composition, and conversing without the ability to read the other person’s physical and vocal cues. Sending a crucial IM when the other person has left their desk, then hanging there in limbo while you wait for an answer? Awful. Getting into a heated conversation where you’re both typing furiously and no one can finish a full thought before the other one sends another sentence? Unpleasant. Having to put a garish emoticon next to dry humor so you don’t sound like a jerk? Lame.

Seriously, I really hate AIM. It has its uses but is just a terrible way to communicate.

One Comment on “Aren’t AIM the bad guys?”

  1. Mr. White says:

    It’s almost as bad as Facebook and Myspace

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