On Politics.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. If Hillary Clinton wins the nomination, I’m leaving the Democratic Party. In all sincerity I make that promise to everyone reading that. My entire professional career has been Democratic/Party Politics, and yet I am willing to put it all behind me in utter disgust if she is our nominee.

I say that from many perspectives.

Firstly – I don’t deny that Sen. Clinton makes a fine candidate. I very much hate the smearing of her based on her gender and really feel she doesn’t get a fair shake in the mainstream media. I also feel she’s had to put up with much more than any of the candidates (Democrat or Republican). It’s wrong.

Secondly – She represents what I consider a model of a failed Democratic Party. The individuals that came into the White House with President Clinton (James Carville, Paul Begala, etc…) are still around. In fact since the Clinton’s have left office, what have they done for the Democratic Party? Nothing. They made us ‘Republican-lite’. I realize the Democratic Party is one of a big tent and everyone should be welcome, but I find the Clinton model to be divisive, destructive, and demeaning to modern politics. It is a party that will shy away from compromise and continue to fight symbolic battles (Steroid usage, dog fighting…). It is a party that will continue to leave it’s base behind so it can go after a ‘conservative majority’. It is a party that mocks everything that Howard Dean and Barack Obama have said.

Thirdly – I acknowledge myself as a bit of an elitist. Though I would argue I’m an elitist in the classical sense. That government can help people. That government shares a moral imperative to help individuals. I just don’t feel there is any room for intellectual thought within the Clinton framework. There is no need to build a Democratic Majority across all 50 States. Just places they know that can win or that will fit into their calculations on the electoral map and then forget about them. 50 +1 is not a mandate and no one should want to lead with those kinds of numbers. I see it here and I see everywhere the Clinton’s have touched. Entrenched political machines and hacks and this media-driven spin. I will highlight a coward – Martin O’Malley, Maryland’s Governor -. He won by an overwhelming majority and thought he had to support Clinton in her bid for the presidency. It didn’t matter if he agreed or not. She ‘helped’ him get elected. A state in which Obama won. He lacks any real political courage as do most Clinton cronies throughout this country.

Fourth – I love my country. This is why I can’t support her. I support my country over my own party. Though my party has given me so a lot. I constantly give and give and yet I feel I get know return on my investment. On a local level I must support candidates that hate the environment, the middle class, gays, etc…all because they are Democrats. It’s disgusting. Senator Clinton’s amazing experience has helped catapult us into Iraq. The amount of money we are spending there has led to record deficits, program cuts, a failing currency, record energy costs, and yet again the environment is thrown to wayside. She lacks any real political will or moral courage. If she had any she would have been fighting this war with Senator Robert C. Byrd (D-WV). He was the only voice that stood up in his own party. Where were you Sen. Clinton? Selling the Bush’s Doctrine. I doubt she even realizes what the Constitution looks like! It is time for a woman President, I get that. Just not her.

At the end of the day, these arguments may not matter, but I doubt the Framers of the Constitution had intended our system to be designed like this – Bush, Clinton, Bush, Clinton – with potential more Bush’s and maybe another Clinton down the road. This isn’t a divine right of Kings nor is it a dynastic system. If she can’t be elected by a clear mandate in within the Democratic Party, I see no reason why I should be a part of a party that refuses to adapt. That refuses to grow. That refuses a new generation to join.

I will end with a quote by Robert F. Kennedy –

“Progress is a nice word. But change is its motivator. And change has its enemies.”

…this is who we need.


One Comment on “On Politics.”

  1. My only problem with ditching the Democratic Party is that our electoral systems provide no other positive electoral outlet.

    Because of our winner-take-all & decentralized electoral systems there is no viable third party and all of the Ralph Naders (well intentioned or not) of the world will not fix it. It will require serious institutional change.

    You can blame the two major parties for this (and I do), they certainly want to maintain their monopoly on electoral success. But the real problem is with the Founders and the Constitution, with its 18th century political-science. Because remember the Constitution was not framed to be create the best democracy in the world, only to strengthen the national gov’t, prevent tyranny, and protect certain interests (slaves, property, etc.).

    So if one was to jump ship from the Democratic Party (or the Republican Party) there really is no productive outlet for you, electorally. That’s why I stay in, even after the party has disappointed me for the millionth time.

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