Episode V: The Links Strike Back

Another Star Wars reference, more links:

  • @Washington Monthly: Kevin Drum forgets about George Wallace.
  • @Everywhere: D&D creator passes away.
  • @postbourgie: Another fake life story?!?
  • @Blog@Newsarama: Buffy news! Spoiler warning & submitted without comment…
  • @Club Jade: News about Whedon’s new show. Hopefully it won’t suck.
  • @Written World: What Ragnell likes about the Green Lantern franchise right now
  • @Shortpacked: I thought nobody else remembered this game!
  • @Raising Kaine: Never forget how fucking crazy Virginians are about their guns. Thankfully, Tim Kaine has some good sense.
  • @Edge of the American West: Seriously, our national anthem kind of sucks.

More soon.


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