(Via Eschaton)

Hey! It’s a two-for-one deal with today’s Washington Post op-ed page & feminism.

Did you know that some wealthy feminists are betraying working class women by supporting Barack Obama?

Female governors, lifelong feminists, union leaders, moms rising — all rushing into the Obama camp. What’s going on?

Maybe Obama is the best candidate, and these highly educated women, with their greater political savvy, have recognized his value. A less charitable explanation is that college-educated women don’t need the social safety net as much as their less fortunate sisters do, so Clinton’s early stand on family leave or her slightly more generous health-care plan aren’t as important to them.

Well, now you know. Because Obama has a (slighty) less generous health care plan and clearly has no plan for extending family leave or paid sick days.

And don’t forget this:

Or it could just be that women with more education (and more money) relate on a subconscious level to the young and handsome Barack and Michelle Obama, with their white-porticoed mansion in one of the cooler Chicago neighborhoods and her Jimmy Choo shoes.

Remember: working class women support Clinton because the Clintons are poor.

Ladies and gentleman that is insight.


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