Yes, kids, it’s that time of your again! It is time for me to discuss the latest offering in Star Wars: Legacy of the Force. Again if such things are not for you precede no further! There are other things here for you to peruse.


I want to get something out of the way (I did predict this in my review of Inferno): I am not looking forward to the heat-seeking missile of a bus that Tahiri is likely to be thrown under in the final LotF novel. I have a great deal of affection for the character and am sad to see her used up like this. Of course, someonehad to be Jacen’s apprentice besides Ben and Tahiri is a logical choice. But it seems too easy, as if the writers are acknowledging but breezing by in order to put Tahiri were the plot needs her. Really its just a waste.

Now that my major fanish concern is taken care of, I have to say I really enjoyed this novel. I predicted in my review of Fury, this novel was a bit predictable in overall plot but had a few surprises that kept me guessing. Seriously who could have predicted the death in this book? And Daala? I thought nobody but me even remembered she existed.

As with Traviss’ previous LotF outings the strength of this book is it’s characterization. Particularly of Ben and Luke. She handles these two characters with great nuance and care. Seriously, the scene where Ben and Luke sit and watch the Endor sunset after confirming Jacen as Mara’s killer left me misty-eyed. In fact I want to again note that it would be great if Lucasbooks gave Traviss another post-ROTJ novel after this one. Especially if it featured Ben, I loved her take on him as a Jedi-detective that much.

I was surprised discover a couple of this about this novel as I read it though, first that it really wasn’t Ben’s novel (he really falls out of the narrative for much of the second half of the book) but instead was Boba Fett and Jania’s. Second, I was surprised that the actually sort of managed to tie Traviss’ Fett-love to the main plot through-line.

Traviss’ Jania was fun to read and I’m glad that she’d finallyfront and center in the storyline. The place were Jania is left at the end of this novel is very interesting and leaves me unable to really confidently guess where the final LotF novel will go. Will Jacen die? Will Tahiri?

I just hope Jania doesn’t fall to the dark side.

As I noted in my Sacrifice review, the weakest part of that novel was the fight scenes. With this novel though Traviss has improved by leaps and bounds. While she still doesn’t the skill to rend action like her two fellow LotF contributors, the fighting in this book was interest and much easier to follow and know what the fuck was going on.

Basically this was a very good Star Wars novel and a great addition to the LotF series. While it lacked the emotional gut-punch of Sacrifice it was very well-crafted and an enjoyable read.

As for the final installment. I am not going to make any predictions that will later make me look like an asshole. I will say though that I am extremely excited about Invincible and where it will leave the post-ROTJ Star Wars EU.

I just hope Denning doesn’t fuck up and let me down.


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