Shit, snakes!

This is the scariest thing I have read in years.


One Comment on “Shit, snakes!”

  1. Charlie Barney says:

    Good grief. Yes, burmese pythons can be big snd can kill large mammals. Some hobbiests have dumped their pet pythons into warm Florida waters to which they adapt. The chance of them sweeping the country, like a biblical plague of locusts, are so remote that they are ridiculous. If you went looking for one, you would probably never find one, let alone finding one curled up, warming itself on your wood deck. I would be more worried about be bonked on the head by a small meteorite. The pictures and headlines are sensationalized to sell papers. I like snakes. I have kept them as pets. I would be thrilled to have one in my backyard pond. If you hear or read anything about Gaboon Vipers (a deadly African snake), stay calm – the ame comments hold.

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