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Natasha DaSilva, that tattoo just above your butt telegraphs to the world that you’re one classy dame. I’m sure your daughters will be so proud of you one day. “Wow, Mom, you really hooched up your wedding, didn’t you?” Dreary old me, I miss bridal hypocrisy.

He later adds…

However, I just heard a woman, Hirsi Ali, talk about how sexual purity is taken to such a psychotic extreme in Islamic culture that women are beaten, tortured and even murdered for having violated the code of honor. Hirsi Ali, who is no longer religious, said in her remarks that she believes religion should have nothing to say about sexual morality. That is clearly unacceptable to any remotely traditional religious person, but given that she’s an atheist now, and given how badly she’s suffered at the hands of the religious, one can certainly understand why she feels that way, even if one can’t agree. That Islam and Islamic law is fanatical about sexual purity doesn’t mean that a respect and an idealizing of sexual purity is wrong. Obviously there is a gulf between Christianity and Islam on this point.


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  1. mantecanaut says:

    Sorry you’re right.It was late and my eyesight was a bit blurry!So,apologies…I was actually looking for a way to delete my comment,but I guess its not possible after its on there right?Id be obliged if you woul delete my inadvertent vitriolic rant!Thanks.

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