Episode III – Revenge of the Links

I know, I know, I said I’d come up with a better tittle but, honestly I can’t.

…and I love Star Wars references. Even easy ones. So, sue me (no, wait, don’t!)

On to the links!

  • Heady! @Edge of the West: The nature of historical investigation as searching for one’s keys.
  • Debate! @The comics blogosphere: Race and Superheroes! Here, here and here.
  • Obviousness! @Blog@Newsarama: Is Mark Millar full of shit when he talks about his own work? Hmm….
  • Discuss! @Historiann: Are women better leaders in monarchies than in democracies? Also: did Krisof write a column that was actually valuable?
  • More Obviousness!: @Club Jade: In case you missed it – The Indy Four trailer. Cross  your fingers kids!
  • Interestingness!: @Postbourgie: The shadow of The Cosbys?

Until next time! (Maybe with a better title?)


One Comment on “Episode III – Revenge of the Links”

  1. […] Posted in New York Times, Politics by Smith Michaels on February 18th, 2008 Below I mentioned the NY Times columnist Nicholas Kristof in a sort of nice way. I found his column a […]

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