I concur…

Apologies for the lack of posts recently but I’ve been, as always, busy, distracted and traveling.

Anyway, I was going to log on today and do a whole SWEET OBAMA WON VA, MD, AND DC post but then I noticed that the old son of a bitch Psycholarry had already beat me to it! 

Really, he said it pretty well, so I only have a few things to add:

  • When I was in Richmond this past weekend I was lucky enough to get to go to the Virginia Jefferson-Jackson dinner (thanks Maggie!) and hear both Clinton and Obama speak. Both candidates were on the top of their game. Clinton was very good; she hit all the right notes, laid her agenda out clearly, took a few jabs at Obama but mostly attacked McCain/Bush. It was a very, very good speech.But here’s the thing Obama was better because he was all of that and more.  He laid out his agenda, he took a few swipes at his (internal and external) opposition, and hit all of the notes perfectly. He did all of that and was inspirational to boot. The thing is, Clinton is a baseline politician; she has some good policy stances and clearly has the drive to push her (very good) agenda forward. Obama, on the other hand, meets that baseline and exceeds it in spades. He is every thing Clinton is (give or take a few serious policy differences) and more. It is that “more” that is why I am supporting him. I honestly feel that Obama can help push America and the Democratic Party forward beyond the Clinton and Bush years.

    As pie in the sky as this may or may not be, I feel that we’re on the cusp of a transformative moment in American politics and after 8 fucking horrid years of Bush I’d rather take the risk of a great failure that come with taking a great risk (Obama) than the safe bet (Clinton).

  • There is one key difference between Obama and Clinton that drives me fully in the Obama camp and that’s their positions on the war. Fundamentally way back in 2002-3 (when I was in high school!!!) Clinton was a strong war supporter. And even today, as she’s moved into the opposition and seen how much of a cluster-fuck of a war she helped unleashed, she still hasn’t apologized for her vote.Obama on the other hand was against the war from day one. And I know he wasn’t in the Senate then, feeling the pressure from Bush and the media to support the war. Yet, that excuse for Clinton can only take you so far.

    Besides, in 2004, we nominated a reformed war supporter for president and look at how well that worked out. I think it’s time to nominate someone who was right from the beginning.

So, yeah, you can pretty much take the above as a semi-official endorsement of Barack Obama for President from Blurred Productions. Of course, I can’t really speak for everyone who contributes here and I invite them to chime in with their thoughts.

But as far as Smith Micheals (and Psycholarry, I guess) is concerned… GO OBAMA!

For as much as that’s worth (very little).

6 Comments on “I concur…”

  1. Mr. White says:

    Mr. White support Obama but only if Biden doesn’t re-enter the race.

  2. Some how I doubt he will.

    You were a Biden supporter? Surprise, surprise. I would have pegged you as an Edwards man.

  3. Mr. White says:

    Nope, Biden’s the shit. Edward was a little too left for me.

  4. Too left for you! Mr. White, my old friend, times change.

  5. titotwo says:

    Through my name into the Obama camp too, for, just as you mentioned in your post, offering the promise of forward thinking rather than business-as-usual politics. I also think he’s ultimately got a better shot in a nationwide election, but that’s a post for another time.

  6. titotwo says:

    Uh… that should be “throw” not “through.”

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