You’re our only hope…

Alright, since no one else seems to be on the ball, I guess the burden falls to me.   Thank you everyone in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington D.C. for supporting Obama in the Democratic Primary.  You’ve given me the hope for my state that Barack has given me for my country.  On the fairly unlikely chance that we have readers in Ohio or Texas that are both undecided and liberal, I’d encourage you to push Obama to the finish as Democratic candidate for the next President of the United States.

Perhaps it’s beyond my jurisdiction, since Smith Michaels runs this site with an iron fist (read Immortal Iron Fist!), but as Co-Editor in Chief, which I think I still am, I would like to issue a semi-Official Endorsement of Barack Obama from Blurred Productions.  Out of the remaining viable candidates in the running Barack is not simply a man able to make an excellent speech, or charm the occasional voter.

I’d continue on as to why, but I have little time, and I’m sure most of what I would say is either a continuation of the same liberal screed that everyone has made for the last 7 years, or a repeat of what you could hear from any number of blogs in a much more nuanced style.  Suffice to say I think Obama is the only candidate that would truly help our country.


5 Comments on “You’re our only hope…”

  1. Randy Lander says:

    Right on.

    Doing what I can as a liberal Obama supporter here in Texas. I’ll be out at the primaries early and the caucus (yep, we’ve got both, Texas is freakin’ weird) in March.

    I would just once like my vote to count for something rather than being pissing into the wind against the inevitable Republican vote that is Texas’ contribution to politics.

  2. Damn you, PL. I was just about to write something like this!

    Also: your title now is “executive editor”.

  3. […] Anyway, I was going to log on today and do a whole SWEET OBAMA WON VA, MD, AND DC post but then I noticed that the old son of a bitch Psycholarry had already beat me to it!  […]

  4. psycholarry says:

    Word Press posted to tell me that someone else on the same website linked to me? That is awesome.

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