To the future!…?

Marvel to move towards digital distribution of back issues.

The important points (italics mine, of course):

Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited will offer the archive in a high-resolution format on computer screens for $59.88 a year, or at a monthly rate of $9.99, at Marvel’s website.


To help market the initiative, To Marvel will reportedly offer a free sampler of 250 titles, and to protect current sales of comic books, new issues won’t be on the Marvel site until six months after they are published.


It’s a tentative move onto the Internet: Comics can only be viewed in a Web browser, not downloaded, and new issues will only go online at least six months after they first appear in print.

Essentially, my friends, until comics are cheap, downloadable and portable ‘online’ mainstream comics distribution is fucked.

Who wants to pay 60 bucks a year to view comics on a web-browser?


One Comment on “To the future!…?”

  1. psycholarry says:

    Wait, why would I pay money to read a 6 month old comic? I certainly have no problem reading comics online, as I have often done, but if I’m paying for them, I want to be able to read them on Wednesday, not half a year later.

    If Marvel needs a good model of online distribution (though really shouldn’t this be common sense?), they should look to Steam, where games are released digitally at the same time as hard copies are released in stores, usually with a discount for early orders (Marvel doesn’t need to spend money on paper and ink, why should readers have to pay the same price as those getting a hard copy?).

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