Yes, folks, it is that time of the year again. It’s time for me to discuss the latest Star Wars: Legacy of the Force novel, Fury.  Again if such things are not for you precede no further! There are other things here for you to peruse.

Of course, there will be spoilers.

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We both go down together…

(Via Matthew Yglesias)

The internets (and internet viral memes) are destroying America, and the Huckabee campaign. One is a tragedy, the other a joy. (Can you guess which is which?)

Seriously, I never thought an internet joke, popularized in places where jokes go to die, would be used to advertise a campaign for President of the United States of America.

Remember, people, Huckabee is supposedly “surging” in Iowa.

Truly, we live in fucking crazy times.

Getting it together…

Is it bad if I say up front that Scott Pilgrim Vol. 4 is the best thing I’ve read all year?

This is not surprising discovery, but it is wonderful none the less.

Oh yes, there will be spoilers.

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To the future!…?

Marvel to move towards digital distribution of back issues.

The important points (italics mine, of course):

Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited will offer the archive in a high-resolution format on computer screens for $59.88 a year, or at a monthly rate of $9.99, at Marvel’s website.


To help market the initiative, To Marvel will reportedly offer a free sampler of 250 titles, and to protect current sales of comic books, new issues won’t be on the Marvel site until six months after they are published.


It’s a tentative move onto the Internet: Comics can only be viewed in a Web browser, not downloaded, and new issues will only go online at least six months after they first appear in print.

Essentially, my friends, until comics are cheap, downloadable and portable ‘online’ mainstream comics distribution is fucked.

Who wants to pay 60 bucks a year to view comics on a web-browser?

Well, excuse me…

Apologies for the lack of content recently but the world is getting crazy again. Regular content flow to return soon.

In action…

If you live in Virginia please go out and vote today and vote Democratic. Changing the legislative leadership in Richmond is the only way to begin to fix our fucked up politics.

The polls close at 7 and a list of Democratic candidates can be found here.


Facebook is now more popular than porn.

Ego-centric-social masturbation has replaced actual masturbation. Truly, the internet is destroying society and Facebook is the fifth column.

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