I just wanted to make this clear.

My problem with New Avengers #35 was not the concept of The Hood defeating Tigra. In the Platonic world of the forms there is nothing wrong with a male super-villain defeating a female superhero. Such things come with the genre.

But we do not live in the world of the forms.

The Hood/Tigra scene was terrible not because The Hood defeated her but the way in which the creators went about shaping the scene. The imagery they used, which has misogynistic over-and-under-tones, was the problem.

Tigra was not shown defending herself. Hell, she doesn’t even get a word in  edgewise(beyond grunts!). The way the camera is positioned to highlight her cleavage. The man  video taping the whole “fight”. Hell, the whole fucking way this scene is staged is filled to the brim with pornographic and mysogenistic  imagery.

So, yeah, there’s no problem with a male villain defeating a female hero. But there is a huge fucking problem with New Avengers #35.


10 Comments on “Wrong!”

  1. psycholarry says:

    There’s also the whole implied rape undertones and the voyeuristic thrill the other villains got while watching the video. Apparently lower level villains love snuff films.

  2. Joel says:

    That’s all true and good stuff!

  3. I think that’s why they’re villains, guys.

    … Even though the Puppet Master reformed and stopped using his clay, except that one time for Silver Surfer because he begged him to.


  4. bellatrys says:

    So when are we going to see sexualized, voyeuristic subjugation of superherOES, Mike?

    I mean, if it’s just that they’re villains, then there’s no reason in the world for them to be limiting it to the girls, is there?

  5. K2 says:

    I really hate to bring this up, because I want to vomit every time I think about it, but the last time I heard of a woman being beaten up and filmed was here (warning for disturbing imagery and possible induced loss of faith in humanity) and the parallels are just too vivid.

  6. thecomicman says:

    Tigra actually did attempt to defend herself. She takes a swipe at the Hood, but he teleports or whatever it is his cloak does for him.

  7. well that makes it ok because clearly that makes this whole thing i traditional super-hero smack down.

  8. thecomicman says:

    Yes, actually, but not because Tigra defended herself. This is a traditional super-hero smackdown because she, a super-hero, got smacked down by the Hood, a super-villain. It happens from time to time in these super-hero comics. One might say they are predicated on that one conceit.

  9. even if i was to accept your conceit that does not make the imagery used by bendis and his artist any less mysogenistic.

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