Ah Hollywood

Progressive thinking at its best!

If you don’t care to read it, Jeff Robinov head of production at Warner Brothers, has said that he will no longer be considering movies involving female leads. There are a lot of things I could say about this, many of these things are already discussed in the article itself.

I couldn’t even argue that this sets film back 50 years. Does Rovinov think that the Wizard of Oz or the Sound of Music were mistakes? Was Titanic a dumb choice for 20th Century Fox? How many millions have studios made with RomComs, or female action films like Charlie’s Angels, and Resident Evil series? God, Eddie Murphy lost Warner Brothers and Castle Rock $96 million with Pluto Nash (which would normally ruin a studio) and no one said anything about not casting Black leads in movies. They even let him go on and make Norbit, which Set racial stereotypes back 30 years. How do you even let an idiot that is working to have your films boycotted by half the population onto the senior staff?

I could discourse for hours on the schlock that Hollywood normally produces (like Good Luck Chuck and the Hearbreak Kid most recently), and how it is contributing to the destruction of the film industry, or I could talk about ignorant asshole misogynists that make more money then I’ll ever see, or I could continue listing successful films with female leads. I think though that you all get the point.

5 Comments on “Ah Hollywood”

  1. titocf says:

    Forget “Resident Evil”, what about fucking “Alien”? Greenlight a half-way decent goddamn movie and maybe it’ll actually make money on its own merits.

  2. you sir, are an asshole! how dare you insult good night chuck!!!!!

  3. psycholarry says:

    It’s good luck chuck. If you’re going to fake indignation, at least get the name right.

  4. sorry, i was in a hurry when i wrote that.

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