Weekly Reviews

Ok, so I’m trying to do some reviews on a semi-weekly basis. I will try to have them up more regularly. I’m just a lazy asshole though.

I’m starting a new rating system for things:

0 out of 5 – Why did they Bother?
1 out of 5 – Destroy it
2 out of 5 – Pass it

3 out of 5 – Average/Check it

4 out of 5 – Must Read

5 out of 5 – Must Own

Now the Reviews:


The All New Booster Gold #2: What can I say about this book.? I love it. It’s funny, not afraid to make fun of itself or the current state of DC continuity and it’s fun! Which is hard to find in a comic book as of late. The concept is simple: Booster is the greatest hero you’ve never heard of. Perfect. The writing is solid and the art isn’t bad either. 4 out of 5

Black Adam: The Dark Age #2: There is a far larger story to tell here and one can tell immediately from how writer, Peter Tomasi sets up the second issue. With all the cynicism going on with Countdown, this is a great throwback title to read. Doug Manke’s art is great as usual, but he has a different inker than usual and it changes his pencils slightly. Tomasi builds upong what Geoff Johns did over in JSA for a number of years with Black Adam. Teth is such a complex and rich character and the writing is engaging and well thought out. Which is a hard thing to accomplish with a number of current books. 4 out of 5

Countdown #33: What’s the point? I can’t find a clear voice here. Two of the most pointless stories: The search for Ray Palmer and Jimmy Olsen. Even with Kyle back as a Green Lantern who happens to be Parallax in this weeks Green Lantern…it’s all so confusing for a book that is the supposed ‘spine’ of the DCU. I suppose it’s important to find Ray Palmer…but I don’t get that urgency from anyone. It’s been slow, uneventful and a throwback to a crappy early 80’s comic. The only positive storyline I’ve warmed up to is the Pied Piper and Trickster. I think that is at least well done. I had such faith in Paul Dini. Bring the 52 guys on this book! 1 out of 5

Green Lantern #23: If you aren’t reading this storyline, go buy it now. GO NOW. JUST DO IT. This is by far one of the best superhero sagas I’ve ever read. Geoff Johns and Dave Gibbons are building on years and years of Green Lantern Mythos all the way back when Alan Moore wrote GL stories. He provided some of the most fascinating stuff that most didn’t realize until now. My frustration to this book comes that it’s not long enough! Of course I’m also frustrated with the Guardians, but you are supposed to be. The writers want you to be. Guy Gardner has the best line in this issue. This is a wonderful space opera and this is a reminder of what superhero comics are supposed to be. 5 out of 5

JLA Wedding Special: Dwayne McDuffie takes over the reigns of JLA from Brad Meltzer in this one-shot leading up to his run on JLA. It’s not a bad issue, but is full of inconsistencies like, how can the Green Lanterns be on Earth while…well…there is a universe spanning war going on? This issue doesn’t really focus on the Wedding so much, which is fine by me. Frankly it’s just another way to remind us that Judd Winick is going to ruin these characters even more. McDuffie’s writing is spot-on with great characterization. It’s very much like a good episode of Justice League Unlimited. Which isn’t a bad thing. I look forward to his run. 3 out of 5

JLA Classified #42: Grrrrrr….Another retelling of Martian Manhunter’s origin with the JLA. I remember when Grant Morrison was on this book or Giffen or Simone. Now…well…it sucks. This book could tell some great stories given the wonderful rich history of the JLA, but if fails to do so all the time. Much like JSA Classified, DC could tell some great WWII stories with Wesley Dodds and the others. I don’t know I keep buying it. 1 out of 5

Justice Society of America #9: This title has consistently been one of my favorites since it relaunched years ago. The focus on legacies and family is so central to this book. This issue shows why I love it so much. The JSA is just as comfortable fighting Vandal Savage as they are doing a pancake breakfast at a fire hall in NYC. Most of this issue is just a prologue to the upcoming Kingdom Come Storyline. How will that play out? I don’t know, but everything else tends to be handled well and I’ve never read a JSA storyline I didn’t like. 4 out of 5

SHOWCASE PRESENTS: BATMAN AND THE OUTSIDERS VOL. 1: God I love these Showcase formats. I’m a big fan of Jim Aparo’s art, so this is a must have in my collection. It’s just good. Buy it. 5 out of 5

That’s it for this week, I had more but they kinda sucked, except Thor. Thor was great. Buy it.


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