Oh please…

This has storytelling disaster written all over it.

First, 2008 will see Star Wars: Vector, a crossover story that will be “similar to Civil War in its scope and style,” according to Dark Horse’s Jeremy Atkins. One constant character will experience the story as it travels through all four of Dark Horse’s Star Wars titles: Knights of the Old Republic, Rebellion, Legacy and Dark Times. John Ostrander and John Jackson Miller will oversee the story direction through the titles.

I’m really enjoying KotOR and Legacy and don’t look forward to having they derailed by this bad idea.

3 Comments on “Oh please…”

  1. Randy Lander says:

    For what it’s worth, this might actually turn out OK. I actually think Dark Times and Rebellion are stronger right now than both KOTOR and Legacy, both of which are solid books in their own right… and Jackson Miller and Ostrander are good writers.

    I’m not wild about the notion of a crossover, and the “Civil War style” makes me nervous, but I’m inclined to think this will be at least good, as the creative teams and editorial across the board on Star Wars right now are kinda kicking ass.

  2. i agree that right now is a good time to be a fan of star wars comics, all four books & their creative teams are strong… yet i doubt they can manage to pull this off. i can foresee it collapsing under the weight of its own storytelling ambition.

  3. bluecollar49 says:

    Hi there!
    Having read the ” Civil War ” story as just a stand a lone without most of the tie-ins, I happen to think that telling this story thru just four titles will be a lot less daunting than what had to be done in Civil War, but in all fairness to you I can understand your dread toward this project as I have only just started to read the ” Dark Times ” comic and find it a pretty good read so far.


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