Project Girl Wonder!

Ok guys…It’s on!

Dean Trippe of Butterfly and Project: Rooftop is challenging folks to create some great designs of Spolier aka Stephanie Brown aka Robin.

For those of you unaware let’s bring our readers up to speed…

from wikipedia:

There is some controversy in the DC fan community about the fact that even though Stephanie Brown served as Robin for a time, she receives no monument or memorial in the Batcave, unlike other past Robins. During a Q&A at a convention in March 2007, DC executive editor Dan Didioresponded to questions about the absence of a Stephanie tribute from the Batcave, saying that the official position of DC Comics is that “She was never really a Robin,” despite on-panel claims to the contrary.

Supporters of Stephanie Brown cite her death as a case of “Women in Refrigerators” syndrome. They claim that the torture and murder of Stephanie Brown was a misogynist plot device used to cement the hatred between hero (Batman) and villain (Black Mask), a position supported by the fact that the instruments used to torture Brown have been recreated by DC Comics as action-figure accessories. Furthermore, Tim Drake, despite having dated Brown for several years, does little if any on-panel grieving for her, whereas he is so devastated by the death of Conner Kent (whom he knew for less time than he dated Stephanie) he grieves for months, and attempts to clone his fallen friend dozens of times.

Opponents argue that she was only Robin for a very short time, during issues 126-128 of the solo Robin title (not counting appearances as Robin in other DC titles). In narrative time, according to “Robin’s War Journal” from the Batman: War Games crossover story arc, she was Robin for 71 days. These readers are critical of Stephanie’s involvement in the series in the first place, pointing out that Batman’s trust of her despite her origins and dubious credentials is out of character for the Dark Knight, especially after his opposition to letting Tim Drake take up the mantle of Robin after the death of Jason Todd

They also point out that her actions in stealing and initiating the plans that caused the gang war resulted in Gotham almost being destroyed again, and that her death may have been an entirely justified consequence of her own, apparently selfish, actions. Still other fans have theorized that Batman’s acceptance of Stephanie as Robin was conceived by him as only a temporary measure from the outset, and constituted part of a deceptive and manipulative effort to lure Tim back to the cape. When Alfred asked Batman point-blank if this were the case, Batman evaded the question. However, when a dying Stephanie asks, “Was I ever really Robin?”, Batman answers, “Yes.”


Personally I’m all for supporting them and advocating a letter writing effort for this. Plus all of us should follow the really great designs Project: Rooftop will be getting of Spoiler.

Check out Dean’s:


2 Comments on “Project Girl Wonder!”

  1. kastor417 says:

    While i agree she should be remembered in the cave, saying she was more important then Conner is wrong. I think Conner and Tim were close and while at the end Tim and her dated they were on and off while Conner helped Tim through many hard times.

  2. bluecollar49 says:

    This really shines the light on women’s rights and women’s equality even in the comic book. I have to say, I think that Stacy deserves her place in the Batcave and should have some sort of tribute.

    “Was I ever really Robin?”, Batman answers, “Yes.”


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