I am done with Green Arrow.


I will follow up with my Baltimore Convention report later among other things. Right now, I  have to discuss my utter frustration with Green Arrow and Black Canary. I don’t know where this entry will go, I’m just rambling.

I can’t blame Judd Winick anymore for the poor characterization or the terrible exploitative nature of the book towards women. I can’t blame him for his bad writing either. The blame for this goes to the editors and ultimately the senior staff of DC Comics for letting this pattern continue.

There was a time when I idolized Ollie Queen. My father got me into Green Arrow, telling me how he was this ‘hard traveling’ hero stood for social justice and the innate flaws in his positions sometimes. Denny O’Neil and Mike Grell gave the best characterization of Ollie out there.

O’Neil gave Green Arrow purpose and took the reader across the country showcasing many of the social ills going through are society at the time. Grell brought a sense of realism to the book that has not been matched or seen in any DC book since.

I am a fan of Kevin Smith’s relaunch and Brad Meltzer’s reflective time on the book. Meltzer took what was great about the history of Ollie and showcased it in his run. Perfect story.

Black Canary…such a wonderful character taken to new heights by Grell and Gail Simone. Grell took the character through hell and back and she came through it intact. Granted she needed some help, but you got to see the human side of a hero rarely seen anymore in DC. Simone made her competent by empowering her and making her a strong female voice that any reader can appreciate.  All the women in the Birds of Prey have that affect.

For all of Judd Winick’s liberal thought and views, he fails miserably in articulating any one of them into his book.

He had the opportunity of making Ollie Queen a relevant champion for social justice again but instead uses the Star City ‘wall’ as a poor metaphor for Katrina ( I am giving him credit here by assuming that’s what he was doing).

He could have commented on racism, homophobia, economic disparity, sexism, religious zealotry, etc, and  yet he squandered it by being the thing I feel he despises. You made Ollie the kind of person you are. ‘Limousine Liberalism’ was the central theme of that book (I again am giving him the benefit of the doubt by suggesting he had any type of relevant commentary to make). You squandered any type of good Ollie could have done by telling a ’52’ story in his own book. You had him just throw money at the Star City’s problems as opposed to addressing actual societal ills.  But can we blame Mr. Winick? It’s ultimately an Editorial Position.

That is some awful symbolism. The reader is subjected to three full panels of Deathstroke’s sword in Black Canary’s throat.

According to Mr. Winick, Black Canary cannot fight. She cannot do anything on her own but have sex and make cookies. He truly is pioneering in the field of feminism.

From a sales perspective, why is he allowed to continue to be on this book. Typically when a writer is on a book this long they are doing something truly worthy to the character such as what Geoff John’s did on the Flash or James Robinson on Starman or GAIL SIMONE ON BIRDS OF PREY!

The fact he is allowed to continue on this book after the relaunch makes my stomach churn. His base for this book is probably the small amount of comic book fans who do get off on bad writing and exploitative images towards women, because they are reading Micheal Turner books as well.

He represents the worst of the worst at DC comics and the fact that DC allows this type of filth to be published shows how much their company has respect for it’s readers. You can still tell good stories without mouth raping characters. You can still tell good stories without destroying years of good story telling by people like Grell, Meltzer, O’Neil, Simone and many others.

Maybe if I punch a continuity wall, a sense of clairvoyance might befall the DC Editorial Staff and fire Judd Winick.

I doubt it.

If this entry strikes a chord with anyone please send a letter stating how you feel (politely and articulate) to DC comics:

Paul Levitz and Dan DiDio c/o


1700 Broadway NYC, NY 10019

2 Comments on “I am done with Green Arrow.”

  1. kastor417 says:

    I think this is part of a bigger problem. I think the use of characters in DC are going in the wrong direction. I think with all the stream lining of the titles into on major story for what seems like it might be 3 years hurts all the characters and the stories.

  2. come now, the grell GA run was a lot of things but filled with realism?

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