World to end…?

Michael Turner actually made Dr. Doom’s design look completely awful:

Wow. Just wow.


2 Comments on “World to end…?”

  1. sciencefun says:

    I’m of the opinion Turner makes just about everything look awful. Have you ever noticed his Supergirl is usually cross-eyed?

    It’s almost as if he did the face as an afterthough. Naw…

  2. bluecollar49 says:

    What are you guys talking about?!!

    Turner’s covers just rule over all. When I buy my comics if there is a a/b cover which features one of his works, guess which cover I purchase? And I don’t see the problem with Doom’s look in the above pic.
    Of course everyone has a favorite artist, and probably a worst artist, and so while I do not agree with your opinion, I respect your right to voice it!


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