Summer reading program…

Some of our (remaining) longtime readers may have noticed that comics relating posting has dried up over the last few weeks.

There are two reasons for this:
1.) Money has been tight and I have been unable to buy comics
2.) Comics illegitimate sibling, the prose novel has been sucking up all of my reading time

This summer (the only real time a year that I get guilt-free non-history reading time) I have found myself reading a good number of novels. Compared to last summer when my reading life was dominated by one book Sean Wilentz’s massive The Rise of American Democracy. It was an amazing book, that really changed how I look at late 18th and early 19th century history but was also an massive investment. The only other books I found time to read that summer were Star Wars novels (I always find time to read Star Wars novels).

This summer I decided not to repeat that. Instead I’v read a good number of novels. Besides Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows I’ve found time to read:

The first six Dresden Files novels – Storm Front through Death Masks
Sammy’s Hill – A romance novel (!?!) by Kristen Gore, Al Gore’s daughter and a former Simpsons/Futurama writer
The first one and a half books of Percy Jackson & The Olympians – good, fun kids books

I enjoyed the Dresden Files novels a great deal, I think sooner rather than later I’ll throw myself back into the series and finish the last 4 books. I may favorite part of those books is who with each novel author Jim Butcher becomes a better and better writer. The characterization gets sharper and his little “Dresden-verse” becomes more interesting. I am also doubly glad that Butcher has refrained from allowing his series to degrade into Antia Blake style vamporn.

Sammy’s Hill was an enjoyable book too, funny with a fun protagonist but had serious placing problems. The most interesting parts of the novel (when Sammy works on a Presidential campaign, ditches her jerk boyfriend) are crammed into the bottom third of the book and more or less rushed through.

Besides the above novels I’ve also had the chance to read some interesting history, Bruce Ackerman’s Failure of the Founding Fathers (a legalist book at the election of 1800) and was able to reread the amazing Battle Cry of Freedom (the perfect Civil War book… in one volume!).

Currently my goal is to finish the excellent new biography of Aaron Burr, Fallen Founder, before the 20th (and the doom and gloom of the school year). All in all it was nice to expand my reading choices this summer beyond my usual non-fiction (and Star Wars) horizons.

And I will get back to reading comics soon enough… (like this weekend…)


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