Season Three Part One: Recap (Succinctly)

Season Three Part One:

Recap (Succinctly)

By Sam Taffy

Below contains major spoilers for season three. If you’re waiting for the DVDs do not read this!



Wow, so, where to begin? I’m assuming if you’re reading this then you’re a fan of the show, and if you are then that means you’ve seen every episode with religious fervor (especially considering the nay sayer drop off we experienced half way through this season). Having said that, I’ve decided not to go with a full on recap, and opt instead to provide you with a brief rundown of the (most) key points, and then from there get into some more meaty material, namely unanswered questions, new questions, light analysis, and finally predictions pertaining to season four (February, gah!).

So let’s begin. The rundown.


Episodes 1-6 (aka the formerly mediocre)

Well for starters, the Lost writers managed to pull off in my mind another season opener first break equal to the previous two, which essentially means you aren’t sure what you’re watching, who is on screen, where they are, and what time period it is. Is this a flashback? The future? Off the island? Am I on NBC? What we discover by the time the opening slow ‘Whoosh’ of the title sequence is that we have been watching the Others, who live in houses, and have lawns, and furnishings and, oh yeah, a book club. Then out of no where, an earthquake-like happening occurs, flight 815 careens across the sky, breaks apart mid air, and a whirlwind of activity ensues. Benry Gale orders Ethan (yay! Evil, evil Ethan!) and Goodwin (poor old Goodwin) to infiltrate the surviving camps for reconnaissance, then makes a quip to a lovely lady named Juliet about not being invited to this month’s book meeting. Damn. Incredible.

From there, things go a little downhill. Mostly the course of the next six eps is Jack, Kate and Sawyer trapped in cages (Jack in an underwater hatch…oh yeah, there is an underwater hatch, it’s called the Hydra), and us becoming more acquainted with the Others, who we learn not a lot about other than the fact that they are all liars and con men. Great. Oh, plus, Sun slept with Lee (hmm), Ekko is killed by the smoke monster after standing up to it (Boo!), and Jack is charged with Ben’s spinal surgery (what the fuck?). Now I’ll admit that at first, some of this was interesting, but really the only great moment was the final scene of season six, a real nail biter where Jack severs Ben’s spinal something-or-other and threatens to let him die unless the Other’s let Kate and Sawyer go in a well thought out escape plan, about three minutes that left me with just about considerably less dry undies and my chick on the verge of tears from the intensity.

Cut to end title card.

Cut to hiatus.

Wait for it…wait for it…sigh…

And we’re back.

Episodes 7-22 (Whaza-whooza-wazza)

Ok, here’s where things get interesting.

Turns out that the Other’s have brought the Juliet chick on board for her miraculous fertility research. Why? Cause all of the women on the island who get preggers perish for some reason. Bummer. So maybe they do have good intentions after all? We’ll see. Anyway, she seems all right, but we find out that she wants to get home to see her cancer ridden sister, and yet she still can’t be trusted (damn Others!).

Desmond has acquired the ability to see the future. How we’re not sure. It’s connected to the hatch implosion though. Good stuff. His centric episode Flashes Before your Eyes is easily one of the best Lost episodes ever. Ever.

We find out the kids are alive with the stewardess in the Other’s camp (ok), how Jack got his tattoos (who cares?), and we come across a new hatch, a communication station, run by a guy we eventually find out is an Other, a Cyclops named after a Russian anarchist, who also happens to be immortal (or something), Claire and Jack are siblings (like we guessed), and Desmond tells Charlie he’s going to die, according to his soothe saying magicianary (eek!).

Locke, my man Locke, blows up a submarine (the only way off the island apparently), but we do find out his paraplegic fate (Dadoo pushed him out of an eight story window!!). Then the seesaw that is Juliet seems to point toward her being a bad guy even though she’s hanging with Jack now back at the beach. Jin is the daddy (maybe), Kate might be preggers, and in one of the seasons high marks, Locke leads Sawyer to Anthony Cooper, who the Other’s have high jacked onto the island, so that he can kill him (oh yeah, he’s the real Sawyer).

Ben was not born on the island, but did grow up there. He’s also truly madder and more evil than we anticipated, and back in the day squashed the skirmish between the famed Dharma and Hostiles camps by viciously gassing the Dharma’s to death (including Uncle Rico from Napoleon Dynamite, who is his daddy-kins). Jacob is a ghost thing that we’re not clear on yet, and Ben fears Locke cause he has the potential to usurp him, or something. Charlie wins me back forever in Greatest Hits, and I begin to dread his impending supposed demise.

Then comes the finale. Whew. Ok, real fast, let’s go. In the flashback, Jack flies on Oceanic Airlines with a beard, is a drunk, almost kills himself, saves a mother and son in an accident, is a pill head, goes to a mysterious funeral that no one shows up for and for whom we don’t know, says his dad is alive*, and then…hold that thought. On the island, a plan to kill women snatching Others goes off almost cleanly, Sayid, Jin and Bernard are captured, thought to be killed, Jack leads the rest to the radio tower, where they dismantle Rousseau’s signal and establish a new one with newcomer Naomi’s (she parachuted in a few eps back, sorry), satellite phone, then Sayid, Jin and Bernard are saved by Sawyer and Juliet (interesting) but really by Hurley, who runs over the well armed Other’s with a bus he found a bunch of eps back, and Charlie dies tragically while shutting off a blocking signal in an underwater hatch called The Looking Glass. But before doing so he manages to tell Des that it’s not Penny coming for them as they all thought, and turns out Naomi may not be telling the truth. But that’s ok, because Locke (who was presumed maybe dead after being shot by Ben but then prompted to wake up and get to work by…can you guess…a Walt premonition!) hurls a hunting knife into her back, then points a gun at Jack telling him not to make the call. But alas, Jack is determined to be a savior, so he calls, and Locke gives in, warning him that he’s made a mistake. So it looks like all will be well, and everyone will be rescued, if you ignore the ramblings of probably evil Ben and probably nutty Locke. But then…

…Back to that flashback to close out the episode. Jack is meeting someone at the airport. And he tells this someone that he’s been flying, every Friday night, with all those free tickets, hoping the plane will crash, and he’ll get to go back…to the island…because according to him, they weren’t supposed to leave, and they have to get back…and the person…well…it’s Kate…and she’s not so sure…meaning either not everyone got off, or something terrible happened because they left…or something, right? Anyways Kate leaves in a hurry, and Jack shouts at her again “We have to go back! We weren’t supposed to leave! We have to go back!”

cut to end title card.

Blam! It was a flash forward! Yikes.

What the implications are, who knows. We’ll get into all of that next time.

There, that wasn’t so bad was it? Ok, recap done. Next episode, more interesting stuff, like breakdowns, analysis, questions, all that good stuff. So leave your peace and keep listening. More on the way.

Namaste, and good night.



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