Sinestro Corps Review

Obviously I’m breaking rank (yet again) with Smith Michaels about my love of certain comics.

This is an event some 2 years in the making. My initial feeling towards the Sinestro Corps One-Shot is that it is better than Infinite Crisis, Countdown, 52, World War Hulk, Civil War, House of M, and all the other crossovers combined. It had everything I wanted in an one-shot.

[editor: Huge Spoiler under the cut]

The art and writing was top notch. Geoff Johns is at his best here in my opinion. We see a showcase of all the earthbound Lanterns and I figure they will be who we follow through this journey.

By the end of this issue the deck is obviously stacked way too high for the Lanterns, but I like that. We finally have a story and an event that is truly showing the relevance of an intergalactic police force. Many complain about what happened to Kyle, but I doubt Kyle is ruined permanently.

Kyle has always been the Lantern that knew fear. It will be a fun ride through the DCU over the next few months.

As far as the characterization of Sinestro. He’s Hitler. He’s a despot and a crazed egotist. Beyond that, he wants to be a leader. He wants order. His order. By spreading his view of order (fear), he can bring balance to the universe. He also must be obeyed and worshiped.

The solid writing and art brings out the incredible storyline and continuity that has been built over the last few years.

I give this book 4.5 out of 5 stars.


5 Comments on “Sinestro Corps Review”

  1. Canek says:

    Man, I know everyone and their brothers have already read this awesome one shot, but please, please don’t spoil the most amazing last page ever!

    At least put somewhere in the top of the post that it has spoilers. That last page is the ultimate jaw-dropping, and if I have saw it before reading the book, I would be really angry.

    I agree with you: this one shot rocks!

  2. kastor417 says:

    i don’t know if i buy it all, kyle was taken and make evil too quick.

  3. for the historical record i have stated that i enjoyed this special and my opinion has not changed.

    i also did not enjoy the fact that kyle went evil. though i assume (and hope) that he’ll be restored to his heroic status by the fall.

  4. psycholarry says:

    Fixed for spoiler-osity. For the record, I think this and WWH are both quite exciting. Also, I don’t know that you could blame kyle for turning evil here, since he did have his heart essentially ripped out, and a giant yellow evil creature shoved in its place.

  5. Ragnell says:

    Kastor — Dude, the quickness was just Johns pacing. If he drew it out it would look like someone’s Sinestro/Kyle S&M slashfiction.

    Take a moment to fully catalog what Kyle went through in those few pages. I did that in response to one of my sister’s comments and was really surprised at how much it was once you broke it down. Johns more than made up for pacing with intensity.

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