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Apologies for the lack of content but life is busy right now & its difficult to find time to put much thought into a blog post.

But I should be able to find the time soon.

Until then enjoy this:

Oh LOL cats…


Tito’s Simpsons Countdown 12-10

12. Burns Verkaufen der Kraftwerk (Season 3)

In the earliest episode on my list, Burns sells the plant to German investors. It’s one of the show’s more intelligent storylines, and unlike recent episodes, the world around the Simpsons is bigger than the family. In other words, a more recent episode would probably have Homer appointed as the new head of the plant, rather than having his relatively normal life affected by something bigger. Even though Homer indirectly affects the Germans purchase, he’s still just an average Joe, as he is in all of the best episodes of the series.

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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows…

Apologies for being a bit of an absentee landlord for the last week (give or take) but stress, work, Potter and an fugue that just does not seem to want to go away has distracted me.

I’m sure most of the (few) regulars/staff here having be expecting this since release day. So here we go.

I finished this book on Sunday morning around 1:30 or so. And I loved it. Of course, being that this is the newest Potter book I have yet to be able to pour over the book by listening/reading it 6 to 10 times… but my reaction after I finished it and still today is one of nearly unabashed love.

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Season Three Part One: Recap (Succinctly)

Season Three Part One:

Recap (Succinctly)

By Sam Taffy

Below contains major spoilers for season three. If you’re waiting for the DVDs do not read this!

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Tito’s Simpsons Countdown 15-13

As wary as I am of the upcoming Simpsons Movie, seeing commercials for it has made me reminscient of the glory days of the series. So, with that in mind, and realizing that it’s been months since I’ve written anything for the site, I’m going to spread out my favorite 15 episodes (it was too hard to keep it down to 10) over five nostalgic posts. Let’s begin: Read the rest of this entry »

A Lost Essay: Creatures of the Island and the Fear they Represent

Creatures of the Island and the Fear they Represent

An Essay

So then, today, Lost fans, I would like to throw some blind insights out at you and see which if any stick to your wall. Today’s topic; the creatures of the island, the ones that were its inhabitants before our beloved Losties made it their temporary home. To me, there is a ‘big five’ and it is my belief that these five creatures can be linked to something crucial in an analytical sense, and that is the five visions of fear that each represents.


Let me explain.

First, let’s lay out the big five, then we’ll delve into their symbolic prowess.

  1. polar bears
  2. boars
  3. the Dharma shark
  4. the smoke monster (aka Smokie)
  5. Man

Good start? Good. Let’s roll. [editor: Warning, Lost spoilers below the cut] Read the rest of this entry »

The pain!

The temptation to look up Harry Potter spoilers before the release (in nearly less than two days!) is becoming physically painful.

I mean they’re right there on the internets…. calling to me!

Normally I am a huge spoiler freak but I want to be surprised by this book, damn it!

Hopefully I will hold out.