My boy! My boy!

I read the big book for this week: Green Lantern: Clashing Colors Special and I enjoyed it. I know, surprise, surprise!

Easily this is the best work I’ve read from Geoff Johns in about two to three years.  Ethan Van Sciver’s art is excellent, very detailed and well-rendered. The passion that these two creators have for the GL franchise is obvious and leads to some great storytelling.

My only complaints about this book are not from a “critical” perspective” but instead from a “fanboy” perspective.

See, I like the character of Kyle. And I don’t particularly like reading comics where characters I like get shit on.  And really a good portion of this book was an extended dump on the character of Kyle. Oh sure, I’ll be willing to put money down that a great deal of this will be undone by the end of this crossover but not with out leading to some serious badness on Kyle’s part and followed by much brooding (because the world needs more brooding superheroes!).

One final observation: isn’t it odd how every major change in Kyle’s life is predicated by the death of one of the women in his life? (Kyle becomes GL = that poor girl in the fridge, Kyle becomes Ion =  Jade dies, Kyle’s mom dies of yellow space cancer = Kyle goes evil)


3 Comments on “My boy! My boy!”

  1. psycholarry says:

    Jade died long after Kyle became Ion.

  2. both correct and incorrect. the latest version of kyle as ion (from infinite crisis to now) that he’s been running around as happened because of jade’s death (she died and gave him her power).

    but you are right in that the FIRST time kyle was ion jade was still alive.

  3. […] his review of Sinestro Corps, Smith Michaels links the phenomenon to changes in Kyle’s life. One final observation: isn’t it odd how every major change in Kyle’s life is predicated by the […]

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