The Flash!

Good Afternoon Readers! I have in my hand a copy of Flash #13. As stated by Dan Didio at Heroes Con, we found out that the Flash series was ending with issue #13 and some shocking revelations. Starting with All Flash #1 Mark Waid will be taking over the reigns of the Flash and going back to the original numbering system with issue #231. Exciting stuff if you are Flash fan. But also sad indeed.


It was hinted. It was coming. It happened. Bart Allen is dead. An attack from various rogues has killed him. *see Justice League*. One of my favorite characters has been killed but it probably took an event like this for folks to pay attention to Bart Allen. I will go out on limb and say that Bart had a better death than his grandfather Barry or even Captain America, because Bart died a hero. I suppose that’s all I can ask for the end of a character. Whether you agree with how this was handled, he still died a hero.

Now if you want to see who is replacing Bart. Check this months Justice League. I was flipping shocked!

I’ll give you a hint –

Till next time –

3 Comments on “The Flash!”

  1. psycholarry says:

    I would argue that Barry’s death was just as noble. While he wasn’t battling any specific foe, he gave his life to save the universe. That hardly anyone knew what happened to it just emphasizes that he did it for selfless reasons, which is truly heroic.

  2. kastor417 says:

    My worry is that Barry will come back and with all the people coming back i think it cheepens thier deaths and thier characters. that being said im sure we will see Bart and conner soon

  3. did anyone but me notice that bart and conner got virtually the same final scene?

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