Heroes Convention Report

Most of the Blurred Productions staff had an opportunity to attend this years Heroes Con in Charlotte, NC. As Smith Michaels reported earlier. It was a blast. This is by far one of the best Cons I’ve ever gone to.

First to build upon on what Smith Michaels has said –

  • Meeting many indie artists was great. From our good friend Danielle Corsetto to Liz Greenfield, Dean Trippe, Jim Mahfood, and Jason Horn.
  • Various sketches from Queen & Country to Owly as Dr. Mid-Nite and Morrissey.
  • Getting an entire set of Crisis on Infinite Action Figures (minus one Earth 2 Superman). Pics will be up soon.
  • Etan Van Sciver talking up Sinestro Corps and doing an amazing Kyle Rayner sketch in my Green Lantern: Rebirth Hardcover.
  • Dan Didio. I can’t get enough of this guy! He brings excitement to comic books. I know I find myself disagreeing with his editorial stances sometimes, but he and has company keeps me entertained. That’s all I ask.
  • Getting DRUNK.
  • Seeing Smith Michaels yell and threaten a high school kid on his prom…or was it his homecoming.
  • *groan* Me buying Rosario Dawson’s painful book, O.C.T. I haven’t read it, nor will I.

All in all a great weekend and Con. I concur with Smith when I say we will be down there in full force. I feel Blurred Productions will be very different by then and more well known. Until then, watch for us in Baltimore Comic-Con, September 8-9.

Till Next Time –


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