Borrowed but true!

I just read this and must post it here. I did not create it, but I feel that just linking it would not truly do it justice.

Brilliance from Shortpacked by David Willis:

Mr. Willis, I love you with all of my heart and soul. Please, friends, go read more of his work. The man is a true American hero!

(The above image is copyright 2007 David Willis)


6 Comments on “Borrowed but true!”

  1. Mr. White says:

    Don’t know how to start a topic so bare with me.

    The Clarks (the best band ever) are playing up in their hometown in Pittsburgh on June 30. So I am inviting everyone up to Pittsburgh to see them. Give me a call so I can order tickets. Hopefully you guys can stay a whil and we can see the city.

  2. psycholarry says:

    You have to be given posting permission to make posts, talk to Smith Michaels.

    Also, how do you excuse Tony’s war profiteering or the amount of damage that his registered friends have done? Or how willing he was to beat his friend Captain America nearly to death, and later use his body as a trap for the New Avengers?

  3. your points are addressed in the first panel. marvel has set up tony stark as an evil straw man. his central ideology, that in the “real-world” superheroes would have to be regulated, is sympathic and logical. but because of that mark millar/marvel has him do really horrible shit to make him the villain.

  4. psycholarry says:

    Alright, a) the ends do not justify the means here, no matter how he tries to rationalize his actions.
    b) No matter how much you dislike the character this is how he is now. Just like Bruce Wayne: Murderer? and Superman: Blue, as annoying as the direction the character goes in is, you have to accept it as canon.
    c) Stark has in the past attacked government agents using Iron Man tech, wiped the minds of the country to hide his identity, has faked his death multiple times, operated as a traitor for kang/immortus, has lied to the public on multiple occasions, has been responsible for killing a number of people, is now host to Ultron, and was responsible for creating a murderous sentient suit. I don’t know that he’s standing on any moral high ground here.

  5. i accept your above arguments EXCEPT the ‘agent of kang’ bit. that is best forgotten and i think it was ret-conned away.

    i didn’t realize this touched off such a nerve with you.

  6. Mr. White says:

    Haven’t heard from anyone. Is anyone going to the Clarks on June 30th?

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