Okay. So I read the JLA #10/Flash #13 one-two punch that was released today. And these were bad, bad comics.

Let’s start with Justice League. I have been wondering what the fucking point of this whole JLA/JSA/Legion-that-isn’t-supposed-to-exist-anymore crossover was. I guess now we know, it was to bring Wally West back (and trap Barry Allen’s soul?). What Wally West and the old Legion of Superheroes have to do with each other I will never know. And what in the world either Brad Meltzer and Geoff Johns were thinking when they dreamed up this plot, which consisted mostly of the two biggest teams in the DC Universe chatting it up and a plot point from a very old Superboy/Legion issue, I will never know.

I have never read a “resurrection story” less than about the character being brought back to life and more about other characters who have little (if anything) to do with the returning character.

What made me laugh most, in the most cynical way possible, was how utterly pointless all of this was. Wally was ‘killed off’, almost as in afterthought, less than two years ago in order to set up the brave new status quo for the Flash. Now 13 months later (give or take) poor Bart has been unceremoniously shuffled of this fictional coil to make way for the new brave new old status quo.

Which, of course, brings us to Flash #13. Honestly, was there any point to all of this? The last 12 issues of this series have been a complete waste of what had once been an interesting character. There was really no compelling reason to replace Wally with Bart in the first place, thus this whole shit-storm has been a waste of DC and Flash fans’ money.

Bart was an a great character, who will be missed by this Flash fan. Honestly I think that DC’s grand continuity vision, which Dan Didio seems so very excited about, really doesn’t exist and they seem to be playing fast and loose with whatever they want.

All of that said, I am a devoted Wally West fan, a devoted Linda West fan, and have enjoyed Mark Waid’s take on the character. So we’ll see where this goes.


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