…are you feelin’ lucky?

The NEW comics blogging has been lacking in recent weeks, so I thought I’d wipe something up for this weeks’ books. Below are some unrelated thoughts on this week’s releases.

  • This week’s new releases reminds just how shitty the last few weeks’ worth of books have been.  I think the big two just seem to save up all of their decent books and spit them out over one week, leaving us suffering for the rest of the month.
  • The Buffy: Season Eight book is the best fan service I have ever read. Honestly it reads less like great new Buffy stories and more like Joss Whedon preforming the comic book form of oral sex upon his fan-base. A gross metaphor, to be sure, but not any less true. Such fan-service is usually leads to bad stories (see: the JSA/JLA crossover), but under Whedon’s direction it works (at least for this hard-core Buffy nerd). Georges Jeanty really does need to work on his likenesses though.
  • Countdown is one of the worst comic books I have read in years. The basic craft his so lacking in each issue that it’s nigh-painful to read. Shit just happens. One moment Mary Marvel is now Black Mary Marvel (soon to be overwhelmed by her evil powers, I’m sure) and the next Amazons are Attacking. Characters appear out of nowhere (what the hell is Holly doing?). 52 at it’s most rushed & sloppy was never this disjointed and unreadable.
  • I found myself vaguely uncomfortable reading this month’s Detective, being that all of writer Paul Dini’s  fetishes are clearly on display. You’ve got Zatanna, women in bondage-gear (in distress, no less!), and Batman. Honestly, I can not begrudge the man too much, being that my affection for the character of Zatanna is mostly his fault (see: Batman: TAS). Is it just me or goes Zatanna look more and more like Dini’s wife these days?
  • I did not understand this month’s Uncanny X-Men. I just did not get it, I tried but failed.
  • Birds of Prey is such a well-oiled quality machine that I fear what will become of the book in the upcoming creative change over.
  • I love melodrama: thus Spider-Man Love Mary Jane is the best book I read this week.

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