Kurtz! (for PL)

Here are two interesting links that I ran across today (via Ragnell): the first is a discussion of a couple of recent PVP strips. The comments are well worth reading for both educational and entertainment purposes.

The second follows a similar vein, wherein Scott Kurtz makes a jackass out of himself by getting in an internet slap fight with one of his critics.

I’m posting these links for two reasons. Firstly, to let Psycholarry see them because I am sure he will get a kick out of all of this. Secondly, becasue I may write more about this topic later because I think Scott Kurtz is an interesting case study in the dangers of living your professional and personal life on the internet and the potential for that experience to turn a usually nice guy into a jackass.

Oh and the last week or so’s boob centric PvP strips have some sexist implications.


2 Comments on “Kurtz! (for PL)”

  1. psycholarry says:

    There are so many things I could say right now…should have sent a poet.

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