This the 200th post here at Blurred Productions (version 8.0). First things first, I’d like to thank BP staff writers Psycholarry, Tito, Sam Taffy, and the Kaiser for helping me keep things up and running here. Without them BP’s relaunch wouldn’t have lasted more than a few weeks.

Secondly I’d like to thank Kalinara and Ragnell for their support and much appreciated linkage. Without their support we would truly be whistling in the dark here, instead of whistling in a very poorly lit room.

Thirdly, I wish to talk about this: (From DC’s preview of Previews)

This cover is, of course, horrible. I believe that poor Mary Marvel’s “skirt” no longer fits the dictionary definition of “skirt” in that it doesn’t “extend downward from the waist” but more floats outwardly in a vaguely revealing manner.

Not even the unfortunate 13-year old hormone-blinded version of myself understood the “improbable skirt phenomenon” that so plagues our post-Image comic book world. Such drawings are so patently meant to objectify women almost to the point of self-parody. I mean, Mary Marvel’s unfortunate costume choice almost puts Sailor Moon to shame. Even Frank “inventor of the hawt naked Ultron” Cho is above such things.

My central point is this: drawings such the one above are sexist and silly. I continue to be amazed that editors continue to accept such output from their artists and that readers continue to think that an artist with such an output is a quality one. The above art is bad art and sexist art AND bad sexist art. Why DC would let such an image grace the cover of what is their self-proclaimed “flagship” title is beyond me.

Finally, it took us roughly 10 months to get to 200 posts. I wonder how long it’ll take us to write another 200.


3 Comments on “200”

  1. I read in a “how to be a comic artist” book (by a comic artist) that being in the comic industry is very time consuming. You’re always drawing/writing/editting, and that’s ALL you have. And that’s all you’re surrounded by. You have barely any time to do nething. 😮

    So… maybe that’s why it’s so bad? :\ The last time they saw a real skirt was prolly… a while ago >.> In the meantime the last time they saw a drawing of a skirt was the LAST issue of Supergirl or something. So it becomes very self referential, where their reality is defined literally by the books they’re drawing. And so to THEM it looks okay. :O

  2. psycholarry says:

    I would say that the August Solicit cover for Heroes for Hire is even more offensive. It crosses cultural boundaries as it objectifies women!

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